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Developer Shows A Jailbroken Iphone X On iOS 13.1.1 – Jailbreak Updates

by William Gist

Can you have iOS 13.1 jailbreak and Cydia and enjoy beyond Apple’s walled garden? No for the moment but will soon get a chance. In fact, all the recent updates and news in the jailbreak community bring everything together for a new jailbreak tool update.

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iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak possibilities with checkm8


The most recent and coolest update from the jailbreak community is the publicly-released “Checkm8” by the famed developer Axi0mX. After 2010, this is the first exploit revealed to the public. Still, this is not a jailbreak release. And as a powerful exploit, this can be a major component of a big iOS jailbreak update.

The exploit checkm8 supports through a wide range of devices covering the iPhone 4 to iPhone X. and accordingly the developer tweet, he shows jailbreak iPhone X in several seconds after the verbose boot screen. And it confirmedly say iPhone is running iOS 13.1.1 at the time of jailbreak showing this could bring jailbreak to Apple’s latest iOS firmware. But to be released as a new jailbreak tool update, it needs some more work.

What is the possibility for iOS 13.1 Jailbreak?

iOS 13.1is the first major operating system update to iOS 13 fixing some major issues reported since the release of iOS 13. From the fixes perspective, the update iOS 13.1 has so much of importance. But from the side of iOS 13.1 jailbreak, we still far from reach with no supporting update. But it is good to know the new checkm8 exploit which is boot-rom based. So with that, Apple could not bring any patch to the exploit with a software update. If Apple wants to cover the bug, they will have to recall all the iPhone devices and give a hardware update. So that is impossible and will remain unpatched. And that will definitely lead a new jailbreak hope targeting iOS 13 jailbreak.

What is the latest state of iOS jailbreak?


As of the time being, iOS 12.4 is the latest jailbreakable firmware that brings the complete jailbreak and Cydia privileges. So if you are still on 12.4, it is a golden chance to enjoy jailbreak rights. But what if you are upgraded to iOS 13?

From the launch of iOS 13 beta 1, we started hearing of its jailbreak possibilities. With credits to all work from developer @iBSparkes and well known Luca Todesco, we got to know iOS 13 has jailbreak possibilities. Although we hear no end-word about the result of all this work, we could keep watching the updates. Maybe they are not ready for a public release of these exploits at this stage. But if they do, there is a big chance to see a new jailbreak update.

Looking at everything in the jailbreak community, we see some light in the jailbreak future. So if you are waiting for iOS 13.1 jailbreak, keep going and stay with all the news around.