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Develop A Mobile Application: How Much You Have To Pay For It?

by Edvard Berlusconi

From the moment when we finally decide to launch a mobile application, one question always comes to mind: how much will it cost us? Like all these practices born of the digital revolution, mobile applications have their place in a digital marketing strategy.

Of course, several factors must be taken into account for their design, design, functionality, ergonomics, back-end. Factors that determine the level of complexity of the work, and therefore affect the price. Let’s see this in detail!

A mobile application, what interest?


Companies or individuals are rushing today in the field of mobile application development. But why such a craze?

The notoriety acquired by mobile applications is explained by a phenomenon that is gaining ground in recent times: the increased use of mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet. Since then, these mobile applications are more and more solicited because of their ease of use. Indeed, although websites are mostly responsive, access to content is even easier through an app. One-click is enough to reach an interface dedicated to news information, that on a product or a brand.

If as a business executive, you ask yourself the question of the interest of these applications, the answer lies in the relationship with customers and their satisfaction. Because for them, nothing better than to access in a few clicks to the services or information they need on a daily basis. Mobile apps simplify procedures for accessing your services and facilitate communication with customers.

What factors affect the price of a mobile app


Have an idea of ​​the features of your app, it’s good. According to reinvently.com, having a clear idea of ​​the technical aspects of your project is better. The development of a mobile application is not limited to the design and implementation of its features. Still need to define the technical issues of your project, which determine the budget to provide.

The operating system and the type of mobile device

Android, iOS, Windows Mobile are the most common systems on the market. You will have to choose one that best fits your project. The ideal is to refer to the market you want to conquer. In addition to the operating system, the type of device to which the application will be intended must also be determined.

The type of application to design

Native, web or hybrid application? The choice is crucial knowing that it affects the price you have to pay for the design. But what are the differences between these three solutions?


  • The native application: A native application is developed for a specific system, and only for it. So, if you want it to be accessible for two different operating systems, you have to design it in two versions. An Android version and an iOS version for example.
  • The web application: The web application is a website whose size and characteristics are adapted to those of the screen of a mobile device. To use it, you have to go through a browser of type Chrome or Firefox.
  • The hybrid application: The hybrid application represents a mix between the web and native applications. Thus, it is equipped with Web technologies while being adapted to the operating system of the mobile device. 


The time required to design a mobile application depends on the number and complexity of options to implement. Some will be easier to design while others will require more work and investment from the developer. The cost will be defined according to the complexity of the solution.


In addition to the colors and icons used, the design includes the app’s logo, content organization, and typography. If you have a few ideas on the design of yours, it is important to explain your project to the developer who takes care of his design to get his opinion. Or you can hire a company that provides professional UI/UX design and development services like XB Software.

Price ranges for iOS mobile app development


The iOS system is considered one of the most promising. It stands out for its performance and ease of use. IOS apps also enjoy high reliability and secure access under the platform dedicated to their download, the App Store. With all these advantages, iOS devices attract many users. Reason enough to launch a mobile application project for this system.

For a simple application that is easy to develop, you need to budget between $2000and $3000. This type of application has a simple design and user interface that does not require any complex processing. But your project may require a more powerful application. In this case, it takes between $5000 and $10000.

For applications that require very sophisticated features, offline access, multiple display screens, dynamic content, and that use database, the price can exceed $10,000.