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How Did Deadpool 2 Receive A Pg-13 Version?

by Elsa Stringer

The co-writers of Deadpool 2 Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick took time to explain how they edited the R rated blockbuster action comedy into a family-friendly movie.

Once Upon a Deadpool is a PG-13 cut of the movie, with violence and swearing which are toned down. There are also eight new scenes, including a wraparound segment starring Fred Savage, an actor, and director best known for The Princess Bride.


However, the question is how exactly did they edit the movie filled with violence, swearing, and gore, without losing the core elements that make the Deadpool character such a planetary hit?

“What we found – which was either encouraging or discouraging – was that PG-13 movies get away with a lot. If you go back and look, The Dark Knight was a PG-13 movie. That movie was really violent!,” said Rhett Reese to the Empire magazine in an interview.

Wernick had this to add: “You miss a couple of F-bombs but it’s pretty much the same movie.”


One of the scenes changed the most is the fascinating X-Force sequence when Deadpool realizes that his newly assembled team is not really the X-Men equal he was hoping for.

Once Upon a Deadpool will only be available for fans in the UK and US for one night, and it will raise money for charity, donating $1 from each ticket to the popular F**k Cancer movement, which will be called “Fudge Cancer”, to go with the overall family-friendly PG-13 rating.


The original Deadpool 2 cut is now available on digitally, and on DVD and Blu-ray. Once Upon A Deadpool comes to cinemas in the US on December 12, and in the UK a day earlier.