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David Beckham Does This One Unorthodox Thing For His Wife Victoria

by Nebojša Vujinović

Just when we thought this man can’t get any more perfect. But, David Beckham keeps on surprising his fans, as she proves that a perfect man does exist. Back in the day when he was the world’s best free-kick taker people used to say, bend it like Beckham. Nowadays, they can say blend it like David, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

Victoria Beckham is one of the biggest names in the fashion and music industry, so you’ll be surprised to hear she did her makeup for one beauty shoot. Once things got out of control she asked for help, and no other than her husband, David, jumped to help her. Yes, ladies you heard it right, David Beckham, does makeup. Victoria made a funny joke when she shared the photo with the ex-LA Galaxy star, describing him as a local makeup artist.

Victoria is always surrounded by a bunch of stylists and fashion experts when she’s doing photo shootings so it comes as a surprise that she did anything on her own. For one, her hair job was done by a stylist Ken Paves. The whole preparation and photo session could be seen on her Instagram story feed.

Source: pagesix.com

The ex-Space Girl wrote this on one of her stories: “Shooting @victoriabeckhambeauty. In hair @kenpaves and makeup (how did I do?).” She also said that most of the preparation photos were taken in the man’s bathroom as it’s there where the light was the best. Furthermore, as we already said, she couldn’t get the job done, so her husband had to step in.

Victoria was thrilled that David stepped in and took interest in her work. We’re not sure how much did he messed with her face, but this is how she put it: “So I found a local makeup artist…… Seems to be working out!” The way things stand, it would seem that most members of the Beckham family have a talent for makeup. If you can recall earlier this year, their daughter Harper, who is only ten years old also helped Victoria do her makeup. Back in March, the reason was the Victoria Beckham Beauty tutorial even which was held last spring.

Source: pagesix.com

Lately, most members of the Beckham family cooperate on various projects. This is not the first time that David was there for his wife on one of her activities. Back in May, he was even filming one of her beauty campaigns. This is no wonder, as after years of their relationship and marriage the two have shown the world that they have similar interests and also styles. It is known that they often wear matching outfits to various events they attend together.

For years now Victoria and David set a standard for all celebrity couples how a marriage should look like. The pair has been together since 1997 and has been attracting media attention ever since. As you can see nothing could stand in their way and this golden couple is still going strong.