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6 Ways to Cut Your House Chores Time in Half

by Nebojša Vujinović

House chores are something we have to do if we want to keep our home clean and tidy. They should be done every day, so they won’t get time-consuming and difficult to complete. That means you need to take care of the living room, dishes, bedroom, and many other details, so it won’t get harder to complete during the weekend.

Keeping a clean home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, with a good plan, you can make it efficient and fun, and motivate the children and other family members to get involved.

It’s true, sometimes it’s a lot of work and you can spend all day cleaning the house, but at some point, you have to do it. Maybe during the working week, you have too many obligations and you want to spend the weekend with your family, but you still have to spend at least a few hours to keep your home in order.

In fact, if you do it regularly, it won’t take much time and you’ll only need to intervene a little every weekend.

Of course, these are simple ways to make it easier for yourself, that is, to cut the time spent working at home in half:

1. Involve the whole family in the activities

When you divide the activities, it becomes easier to complete them on time. If you have small children, make them feel like it’s a game or competition between them. While they arrange their toys, you can devote yourself to the washing machine and the toilet, then move on to the living room, and the spouse arranges the balcony or the yard. Everything can be achieved with good organization and with invested attention.

At the end of the activities, you will feel both tired and relaxed because you have already managed to complete as many tasks as possible in one day. Of course, include making lunch in the plan, order from a restaurant, or go out to eat.

2. Use every chance for help you have

Source: theglobeandmail.com

Nowadays there is really no need to wash your carpets yourself as there are professional services that can pick them up from your home and return them to you when they are completely clean. It’s the same with clothes. If you have a large family, your home washing machine may not be able to meet all your needs in one weekend.

A facilitating circumstance is that nowadays you can hire a laundry pickup and delivery service and you can choose exactly those that you think are good, for example, laundrypoint.com.au or others near you. You can do this for seasonal washing of coats, jackets, blankets, and winter clothes, which are too delicate for regular washing.

You can also hire a lawn mowing service for the yard, so you won’t really waste time, which you can use to clean the kitchen or the toilet in detail.

3. Clean a little, but often

Keeping your home clean doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to a broom and mop. In fact, everything will be easier for you if you don’t let the dishes pile up every day and regularly wipe the surfaces in the kitchen.

In the living room, try to organize the books and decorations, but also wipe them regularly so that dust does not collect.

In the toilet, you can wipe down surfaces like the toilet bowl and faucet with antibacterial wipes, but also use an all-purpose spray cleaner to prevent scale build-up.

As you can see, all these activities only take a few minutes a day, and your home is always clean and tidy.

4. Take breaks every 20 minutes

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You can’t do much in 20 minutes, but it will be easier if you take small breaks. That way, you will focus only on the priority big activities, and in the end, you will only have the easy tasks left.

Just like any other activity, house chores are easier if you divide them into different stages.

And you can determine which will be your daily obligations and which will be weekly, and whether there is a need to define monthly obligations as well.

5. Get rid of excess items in the home

This is a part that we hardly admit to ourselves. We all keep clothes and items that we don’t use, but for certain reasons, we can’t even get rid of them.

But it’s time to take action. Designate a day in which you will do an audit of everything you own in the home. Start by throwing out expired cosmetics, then check the towels you use in the household, old clothes, documents you don’t need, magazines, newspapers, and even shoes. Start an audit in the kitchen as well and get rid of excess food that can no longer be used.

And if you don’t want to throw it away, make a selection of what is usable. You can always donate to people who need these things more than you.

6. You can always use a professional cleaning service

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Sometimes it’s easier and better to let professionals clean for you, and then you keep the home tidy. This can be useful in cases where you have too many items in your home, or if you’ve been renovating and finding it really difficult to get rid of trash and debris.

Professional services are able to thoroughly clean your home in a short time. Then it will be easier for you to arrange the way you want and make a plan for further maintenance of cleanliness.


Regular cleaning and maintenance is the surest way to keep your home in ideal condition. Devote more time once a month, and then just fix the minor flaws in the home. And of course, involve the whole family in the activities. That’s the only way you can be sure that everything will be completed on time and that you won’t get tired just because you have house chores on your daily to-do list. It’s up to you to make a plan and use these tips to cut the cleaning time in half.