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Choose Quality Customer Service for Ecommerce Business In 2024

by Nina Smith

Are you considering handing over your client support to an AI-based product? Tempting as it may be to do away with the human element of eCommerce customer service could be an expensive mistake.

62% of consumers are willing to use more AI, but they expect to set the terms as to when that is. Confidence in chatbots for customer support, for example, is currently low. Only 28% of respondents in a Microsoft survey felt that bots resolved their issue, while 36% believed that chatbots were entirely ineffective.

47% of people still believe that human support trumps machine learning every time. Today human interaction is a prized commodity, and 74% of consumers expect companies to provide more of it in the future.

The takeaway is that you may augment your support with AI but should never rely on it entirely. Providing high-quality support means bringing back the human touch. In this article, we’ll show you how to do so and why it’s a sound business investment.

How to Provide Outstanding Ecommerce Customer Service

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Firms often turn to automated solutions to cut costs. Considering how expensive it is to maintain an in-house call center, that’s understandable. At least, it would have been ten or twenty years ago.

Companies today have options. They may hire the capacity that they need from specialist firms instead. Check Support as a Service company SupportYourApp, as an example. They provide clients with a full suite of customer support services.
The firm provides custom solutions based on a careful analysis of your business. You choose the level of support you require, and the firm creates your package based on your needs. You receive high-level support at a fraction of the cost of managing an in-house team.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Ecommerce Customer Service

Access to Expertise

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No one knows your business as well as you do. You might therefore be reluctant to entrust a firm with supporting your clients. That’s one way to look at things, but let’s consider another.

32% of your clients will leave you after just one bad experience, no matter how much they love your brand. How many businesses can afford to give away a third of their client base? Delivering an outstanding customer experience is no longer optional; it’s a survival tactic.

What’s more, it’s getting harder to deliver that exceptional experience. 55% of all clients today expect more from businesses than they did a year ago. That figure increases to 70% when referring to those in the 18-34 age group.

Product and industry knowledge is important, but knowing how to deal with customers is crucial. The latter is a skill that takes time to develop. Outsourcing customer support gives you access to the critical talents you need without the wait.

24/7 Support

Are your regular business hours convenient for your clients? Providing quality service means being there for your clients when they need you. A 24/7 helpdesk is essential for the modern eCommerce business.

By partnering with a SaaS firm, you’re able to provide your clients with round-the-clock service and maximize your sales.

Cost Savings

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SaaS firms have all the infrastructure, team members, and support options in place already. They use state of the art software and equipment that’s expensive to set up. They’re able to manage consultant costs and maximize their team member’s productivity.

Setting up an in-house call center entails a large capital outlay. Staffing the hub may prove challenging. Most importantly, however, ensuring optimal productivity for the cost to the company is extremely difficult.

Multi-Lingual Support

Modern technology has made it simple for companies to expand beyond their established borders. The primary challenge with venturing further abroad is the language barrier. Dealing with clients in their mother tongue gives firms the edge when expanding their operations.

It puts clients at ease and reduces the risk of misunderstanding developing. SupportYourApp team members, for example, speak over thirty languages between them. They’re able to provide high-quality service and connect with clients better as a result.


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One of the primary benefits of partnering with a SaaS firm is the flexibility that it allows. Hiring and training additional employees for a product launch, for example, is time-consuming and costly. Then there’s the issue of what to do when call volumes drop again.

Using a SaaS firm allows you to manage your capacity more efficiently. You’ll be able to ramp up efforts during peak periods and reduce costs during off-peak times.

Better Rapport

Bots mimic human speech patterns, but they don’t understand the emotions behind them. When consumers don’t realize that they’re speaking to a chatbot, they may interpret the automated replies as indifference.

Having a conversation with a trained service consultant is a very different matter. The agent learns to be supportive, patient and to provide a positive experience. The client should leave the interaction feeling buoyed up.

Enhanced Co-Browsing

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92% of clients felt that co-browsing enhanced the experience of dealing with a live agent. Consultants today may do more than merely assist clients by performing tasks remotely. They may teach customers how to resolve issues themselves.
It is also increasingly becoming an important sales tool. Consultants may bring up personalized product selections or assist the client in narrowing down their options.

Experts Ask the Correct Questions

An expert team is skilled at obtaining more information from the client. It’s a useful skill for identifying cross-selling opportunities or ensuring client success.

Call centers may be inbound or outbound. You may hire the team to handle client queries or to make contact with your clients. Consultants may:

  • Provide proactive support to customers
  • Conduct surveys
  • Follow up with courtesy calls
  • Introduce new products

The possibilities with a highly-skilled team are almost limitless.

Building Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty serves as the lifeblood of a successful business, transcending mere satisfaction to create emotional bonds between customers and the brand which is something that outlets such as Oworkers will tell you. Consistently delivering exceptional experiences and forging genuine connections are key to fostering unwavering loyalty.

Adapting to Evolving Customer Needs

Staying agile amidst change is vital for businesses in today’s dynamic landscape. Human agents possess the flexibility and responsiveness to analyze feedback, identify trends, and propose innovative solutions to meet new requirements. Unlike AI-based systems, human agents can promptly modify their approaches to match evolving expectations. Their critical thinking and creativity empower them to anticipate customer needs proactively, ensuring the brand remains relevant and competitive in the ever-changing market.

In Closing

Customer service today means going above and beyond client expectations every time. Having a professionally trained team on your side opens a wide range of possibilities. Far from being an unnecessary expense, live support is a valuable brand-building tool.