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Custom Wedding Koozies: How to WOW Your Guest

by Dangula Bingula

If your wedding is coming up and you’ve been looking for ways to enhance the event, one idea you’ve probably been overlooking is buying custom koozies for your guests. They are relatively cheap and can be purchased in bulk to the extent that buying a koozie (check out this website) for every person in attendance might even be feasible within your wedding budget.

Plus, you can guarantee that people are going to be enjoying drinks at the ceremony or banquet, so you might as well give them one to use for their bottled or canned beverages. However, simply buying a bunch of koozies probably isn’t going to impress your guests in and of itself, so here are a number of ways you can use custom ones to WOW your wedding guests:


Create Custom Koozies for Everyone

Once you have a list of everyone who will be invited to the wedding, you can go down the list and order a custom koozie with each person’s name on it. You could even include a short custom note to each guest to thank them for coming. This would be a very thoughtful addition to your guest gift baggies. While placing an order for that many custom koozies could certainly take some time, it would definitely be an impressive touch that won’t go unnoticed.  You could outsource this task to a wedding planner or assistant. Alternatively, you might be able to work with a supplier and simply provide your list of guest names for them to work with.

Ask Them Their Favorite Color or Character

If you already know who you’re going to be inviting to your wedding, you could ask them their favorite color or cartoon character with their invitation confirmation. Some wedding planners even like to include a brief questionnaire that asks a few questions to help cater the seating location and experience to the guests’ needs. Of course, for our purposes, we just want to know their favorite color or cartoon character so we can surprise them with a custom koozie that is tailored to their likings.


Let Them Pick Which One They Want in Advance

If you don’t want to order different custom koozies for every guest or ask for their input before you buy them, you could just email a link to the catalog of the supplier you’re buying from along with a message like:

“Hey {insert name},

Everyone who comes to the wedding is getting a free custom koozie! Pick one here (← hyperlink to koozie catalog) and send me the link to the one you want after you’ve made your selection!”

Sending out a simple mass email like this will save you the time and hassle of having to choose how each is customized but will still provide the same end result – a one-of-a-kind koozie for each guest.

Hold a Raffle For First Pick

If you’d rather just buy a bunch of them and personalize them to your liking, you could take that approach by holding a raffle to determine the order in which the koozies are given away along with gift bags at the ceremony. That way, the first winner of the raffle gets to pick one and gift bag that they want. After the first 3-4 winners, you could just have everyone else line up to make their selections on a first-come-first-serve basis. That way, you’d be making the custom koozies part of the festivities.


Have Koozies on Standby at the Drink Station

Finally, a more relaxed approach you can take to giving out custom koozies at your wedding is to just position them alongside the drinks at the refreshments table. Then, guests can just grab one when they fetch a can or bottle from one of the coolers. You may want to put up a small sign pointing to the koozies and make sure they’re located near the coolers so they’ll actually be put to good use. This would also be taking the first-come-first-serve approach, as guests would pick their custom koozies as they get their drinks. You might also want to give everyone a heads up during the initial ceremony announcements or include a reminder on the invitation that there will be custom ones and gift bags available near the drink stations.