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Best 6 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Books You Need To Read in 2024

by Tracy Finke

Crypto is a booming trend in this digital era; everybody wants to understand the concept and basics of crypto trading. Many of us have no idea where to start, and some have a little bit of knowledge and have confusion before investing in the complicated crypto world.

Cryptocurrency is a complex technology with many subject-related terminology and theories that newcomers should know before risking resources. To learn more, visit this site.

The best way to know the complex world of cryptocurrency is by reading books. Check out the listing of best Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency books from crypto experts that give a clear understanding of what, when, and where to invest for great returns and good growth.

1. The Bitcoin Standard

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Saifedean Ammous composed this book, “Bitcoin Standard,” and is the most popular cryptocurrency book to read in 2024. Released in 2018, it provides a crystal clear introduction of Bitcoin and also describes the Bitcoin market.

For example, Mr. Ammous explained Bitcoin’s impact on society’s political, social, and economic perspectives. This book shows how Bitcoin would have become the following standard for debts and transactions. Overall, if a reader wants a straightforward but concrete basic standard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency change, this is an excellent choice.

Dr. Ammous attracts readers to the history of crypto and illustrates the theories of Bitcoin that embrace the digital period. The writer reveals how effective using digital money on the internet is, rather than using traditional currency.

2. The Internet of Money

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The Internet of Money outlines the past and present changes of Bitcoin. This book consists of speeches and essays, including various essential characteristics of this revolutionary technology. However, there are some complexities. First off, the book was published in 2016, which means you may miss out on some modern stuff. Likewise, some critics note that the book’s tone seldom becomes quite evangelistic. At the same time, the Internet of Money is an outstanding compilation of the history of currency that everyone should know.

The book writer demonstrates how bitcoin is a financial and technological development that likely far surpasses the label “digital currency.” Andreas goes away examining the scientific functioning of the bitcoin chain, like illuminating philosophical, social, and historical implications of Bitcoin.

3. Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

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The books mentioned above deal with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency terms from an ordinary man’s perspective; however, Cryptoassests is slightly different. This book illustrates how cryptocurrency has changed the investment scenario and how users can spend in Bitcoin.

The great point is that it can provide equal knowledge of tokens like Ether, Monero, and Ripple so that readers can become familiar quickly with these technical terms. The authors, Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar, performed this fantastic job in 2017, but the fundamentals haven’t changed. This is the reason, Cryptoassets is always on the top list of best crypto books.

If you are a fresh investor in the crypto world, this book will give all the primary sources a great foundation to get started. If you have little knowledge or understanding of cryptocurrency, this book will introduce several perspectives and add more content to your knowledge.

4. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains: An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and the Technology that Powers Them

Suppose anyone wants to learn more about Bitcoin and its business impact. If so, the crypto book titled The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains is highly recommended to read. Antony Lewis’s author delivers an advanced introduction to cryptocurrencies and the related technologies that influence them.

Then, in just one read, you will learn about blockchain technology, derivatives, and the fundamental moves in cryptocurrency trading. The most valuable part of this book is that it provides a precise idea of how each cryptocurrency-based market works, with a particular focus on the Blockchain rising.

5. Mastering Blockchain

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Imran Bashir published the Mastering Blockchain in August 2024; this book is one of the best books to get a deep understanding of Blockchain. It includes a detailed discussion on several crypto-related topics like distributed ledgers, smart contracts, DApps, cryptocurrencies, consensus protocols. Along with the Blockchain theory, Ethereum is also well explained by the writer. The author also publishes the Mastering Bitcoin series; if anyone wants to know Bitcoin in detail, they will go for it.

6. Blockchain Revolution: How The Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World

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In this new era of Blockchain and decentralization, it is essential to talk about the technologies behind the recent changes. It is a must-read book for those readers who are looking to learn more about the blockchain sensation. The book is divided into three segments, i.e., Revolution, Transformation and Promise, and Pell, making it easy for readers to understand the Blockchain concept.

The first most segment reveals the protocols of Bitcoin and the designing principles, i.e., network integrity, distribution-powered system, value as an incentive, security, privacy, ownership rights, and inclusion. This book focuses on how global open source technology is developing and changing how we do so much on the internet.

Overall, the book demonstrates the technology used in Blockchain, and This book is not only intended to provide intensely technical analysis. The book illustrates the various methods on how Blockchain can revolutionize the prospect of money systems, transactions, and businesses in the future.

Bottom line

This is a small selection from the sheer number of books written on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. These all books mentioned above will provide you a comprehensive idea of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Indeed, this list would be a significant investment to enhance your knowledge in the crypto complex world.

These crypto books will provide you with insights into the worlds you may not have thought of yet, and even a small amount of them will set you ahead of the population. Because the majority of people aren’t looking to increase their knowledge or gain wisdom.

If you’re a trader or an investor, company owner or any else, these books on cryptocurrency can assist you.