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The Battle for Crypto Dominance: China’s New Digital Currency Vs. Bitcoin

by Harald Hamilton

The world is changing rapidly with the help of advanced technology and innovation. One of the most positive effects of technology you get to see today is digitalizing money and transactions. There is no more need to carry a stack of cash or jingling coins to pay the bills; digital transactions are helping save time, paper, and other materials used for making coins and, as a whole, the environment.

The most innovative effects of the digital revolution are the cryptocurrencies, out of which Bitcoin rules the global market even to this date. The first-ever launched digital currency, Bitcoin, has the highest valuation and is an integral part of international crypto trades. However, recent surveys say that it is not Bitcoin that will rule the global markets in years to come but the revolutionary Chinese cryptocurrency, the Digital Yuan. You can check out Yuan-pay-group.net to learn how to get involved in Yuan crypto trades.

With this growing valuation of the Chinese digital currency comes the question, is the dominance of Bitcoin soon to be replaced by Yuan? This battle of dominance between these two powerful digital currencies is exciting, but which one shall win is a matter of time.

The Growth Of The Use Of Digital Currencies In The Global Market

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In recent years, the global cryptocurrency market has exceeded $100 million and is expected to grow further by 11% by 2028. This positive growth in global cryptocurrency results from crypto trades and people investing in cryptos as assets.

Cryptocurrencies are shaping global markets and helping change payment methods, such as eliminating the presence of bodies like agents or governments in-between transactions.

The Revolutionary Digital Currency Of China- Digital Yuan

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China is introducing the most advanced and innovative digital payment systems, and its digital currency is proving revolutionary. Experts say that Digital Yuan has a bright future judging from the ways of its growing worth and popularity. China is introducing advanced digital payment systems that are helping its central banks to digitize regular currencies.

Since the central bank controls the digital Yuan, it is the opposite of any cryptocurrency you come across. Other cryptocurrencies are more focused on providing complete freedom to transactors and traders without the interference of banks and the government. But for Yuan, the involvement of the central bank has led to many regulations and control.

The country’s main aim behind introducing an unconventional digital currency is to control the financial systems in a much better way. From international debts to investments and trades, this digital Chinese currency is paving a pathway to more control over the country’s economy.

China’s digital currency was introduced in 2016, and by 2021, the government could already exercise full financial controls. The miners of Chinese digital currency have grown so much in numbers in recent years that they have begun to compete with Bitcoin miners. This transition of the Chinese economy over the past eight years is giving significant goals to digital payment companies.

China’s New Digital Currency Vs. Bitcoin

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The first thing that people need to be aware of is that the Digital Yuan is not a cryptocurrency, and the primary reason behind it is that it does not get operated through blockchains. Even if Yuan is used as a digital currency in China, its concept is the exact opposite of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

Bitcoins and their competitors are decentralized digital currencies offering a peer-to-peer experience. The whole trading process is protected through blockchains, and the transactions are highly secured. No agent or bank interrupts the transactions meaning no central authority controls these transactions; in this way, people enjoy the freedom of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and digital Yuan have market values, but the significant difference lies in their concept; they are exact opposites. While Bitcoin was launched to end the involvement of third-party in trades, digital Yuan was launched to exercise complete control over all transactions and the whole financial system of the country. China’s new digital currency is an excellent alternative to its physical currency but they do not abide by the norms of decentralization.

Almost every citizen of the country uses their brand new digital currency to buy things at stores, but this is not the case with Bitcoins. Although Bitcoins can be used for purchasing limited luxury items or as an alternative to bank money, it is owned by only a small proportion of people worldwide. It is a person’s independent choice whether they wish to invest in Bitcoins, but for the people of China, using the digital Yuan is compulsory. This is the biggest difference between the two most powerful digital currencies.

A Glimpse Of The Future With China’s Digital Currency

With the rate at which China is progressing with digitalization, the country is very close to developing its full-fledged digital currency dominated by the central bank. This central bank digital currency will entirely control the country’s economy and prevent it from future debts and economic crises.

Introducing an unconventional digital currency and payment system is the most intelligent step by the country to boost its economy, track financial systems and eradicate negative factors like corruption. The future of a rapidly-advancing country like China is indeed bright, and it can be very obviously predicted that their economy will be more sorted in the upcoming years.

Since Yuan is not a mere digital currency, it was introduced to control the whole economic system. This revolutionary step of the Chinese government is already showing positive results, and as experts predict, Yuan is about to become a dominant global currency.

Final Thoughts

Digital currencies, better known as cryptocurrencies, are leading global markets today. Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency launched and remains the most valuable one. Over the past years, its value has increased impressively, but surveys say China’s revolutionary digital currency could lead the world in the upcoming years. It may become the most powerful and dominant cryptocurrency; hence, Bitcoin may lose its value.

China is already leading in technology, healthcare, education, and so many things, and its revolutionary digital currency can be the biggest asset to dominate the world for decades.