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Criteria to Look For Before Purchasing a Gold Chain

by Dangula Bingula

There are plenty of jewelry shops in our country to look for the best gold chains on offer. Due to this problem of plenty, sometimes people make basic mistakes which cost them lots of dollars. It is therefore quite essential for you to have a checklist in front of you whenever you go for window shopping before taking the final purchase decision. We understand that purchasing a gold chain is a big decision. You take the final call only after you have serious cash in hand to purchase this highly costly thing.

But, in case, you have never purchased it yet, things will not be very lucrative for you after all. To help you take the right purchasing decision, this is your chance. Procure it from a reputed online jewelry store like u7jewelry.


In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have provided certain criteria that will help you to select the best gold chain. We promise that this content piece will provide you comprehensive information pertaining to things that you should know before shopping for your favorite gold chain.

Let’s get started with the list.

How Often Do I Plan to Wear it?

In case, you are looking to wear it on a regular basis, we recommend you to get one that is not only durable in terms of design but also strong. The best thing would be to avoid looking at hollow designs as they are not very strong in build.

What are the Different Designs Available When it Comes to Purchasing it?

There are 7 different types of designs that are available when it comes to purchasing a gold chain. Let’s start with them.



In this type of design, the links are interlinked with each other when it is laid flat. It has a wide array of widths available in the market.



In this type of design, there are a large number of standard links (normally three) that precede a stretched out link throughout it.



It consists of a knitted feature that looks like a rope. There are two different designs: a straight rope (which is very delicate) and a twisted rope (which is very durable).



The peculiar thing about rolo design is the fact that its links are usually alike and in round shape.



This design is the perfect combination of oval and twisted oval links connected together. The end result is an intricate chain that comes with an amazing visual texture.



In this design, it is tightly-linked in the form of round or square cross-section. The links provide a slight twisty look. But the problem is that although they provide a smooth effect, it can catch on clothing.



It comprises of square links that are interlinked to provide the smooth touches.

Which Material is Used to Create it?

It is extremely critical to evaluate the purity of the gold before making the final purchase decision. There are five varieties of purities available: 9 ct (37.5%), 14ct (58.33%), 18 ct (75%), 22 ct (91.66%), and 24 ct (99.99%). Always remember, the higher the number of carats, the more gold it consists of.

Which Variety of Purities in Terms of Gold Should I Purchase?

While the 24ct one seems to be the perfect option, the problem is, the properties of gold make it extremely soft which is not the most practical choice. The best choice would be 22ct or 18ct as you get the best balance between gold purity and durability.

Remember, 22ct gold chains are often yellow in color while 18ct gold comes in a wide array of colors because the gold is plated (this makes it highly prone to tarnishing eventually).

It is equally important to look at the gold purity in case the wearer has any allergies – to nickel. If the gold purity is lower, it will consist of more nickel. In case, you have sensitive skin which is prone to allergies, it is advisable to purchase 18ct one or above.

Which One Should I Purchase – Solid, Plated or Hollow?

It has usually been found that solid ones are probably the costliest option. But the great thing is, they are usually the most durable and strongest.

Plated ones cost less but the problem is its plating wears off with time which exposes the metal underneath. In case, you wish to restore its color, getting it replaced is the best option available.

Hollow ones are less costly than solid. But they have a problem of easily getting broken or dented. In case, this happens it becomes extremely difficult to repair.

What Type of Clasp Should My Chain Have?

There are three types of clasp that are available when you look for gold. Let’s look at them.

Lobster Clasp


These types of clasp are extremely popular as they are highly durable, less likely to snag on clothes, and easy to release.

Hook Clasps


The great thing about these types of clasps is they can be used quite easily. But, the only problem is that they are not as safe as lobster clasps.

Ring Clasps


This type of clasp is an extremely safe option but you will need some help when it comes to putting on removing it.

What Should Be the Ideal Length of it?

The length of the chain will be contingent on the different parts that the wearer wants to highlight on their chest. A prime example of that is a 16-inch will be much closer to the neckline and will be there above the collarbone. While an 18-inch which is the most commonly opted, one will lie above the collar bones. If you opt for longer lengths, they will lie not only on the skin but also clothing. With the right choice of clothing, it can create a dramatic effect.

How Should I Opt for a Pendant on the Chain?


In case, you have decided to put some kind of pendant, ensure that it is durable enough to withstand extra weight. But it should not be too large or thick as the pendant would then look over-powered. We suggest you get box one or wheat one if you are putting in a pendant on the chain. The reason being, it is both sturdy and extremely flexible.