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Understanding the Cost of Moving to Jacksonville

by Nina Smith

Jacksonville is a very busy seaport city located in Florida. Along with a busy seaport that generates a lot of jobs there, it is also the most populous city in Florida with almost a million residents. The average cost when moving here locally is comparatively lower than most other busy cities of America like NYC or Manhattan. When you calculate your moving cost, you must know that mostly quoted estimates are all-inclusive. You can always click here to find the best movers to help you with the best cost estimation.

Basically, there are 3 most opted ways of moving locally in Jacksonville:

Hiring a Multiple Service Moving Company

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This is the most opted option as everything is taken care of by the company itself and the least efforts are required from the side of the customer. Fewer efforts come with a price and that makes the process most costly when compared to other options available. From packing to disassembling all cargo at your destination is taken by the company. There are many famous moving companies operating in Jacksonville.

Renting a moving Truck or Trailer

It is mostly opted by people who are on a tight budget or by those who plan to do their move by themselves. It is very labor-intensive and you might require some extra manpower for executing it smoothly. You should also keep in mind that there are high chances that unknowingly you would come across many hidden costs that you might not consider beforehand.

Local Jacksonville Moving prices

Size of Home          Labors          Base Price         Cost per Hour          Time       Average

Studio                          2                     300                     $70/hr.                  3 Hours      $380

1 Bedroom                  2                     300                      $70/hr.                 4 Hours      $450

2 Bedroom                  3                     400                     $100/hr.                6 Hours      $750

3 Bedroom                  4                     480                     $125/hr.                8 Hours      $1050

4 Bedroom                  4                      480                    $125/hr.               10 Hours     $1350

4 Bedroom+               5+                     600                    $160/hr.                12 Hours    $2100

The above costs mentioned are not specific and are liable to change at any point. They might differ for every company as per the features and services they offer. These prices are only for having a glimpse of an average cost which a consumer might pay according to the size of their house also the amount of stuff you are carrying. The estimate can also increase if the truck has to make multiple rounds to your new house so as to move all the cargo. It is also recommended to get a copy of your mover’s insurance if you opted for it before the day of the move.

Average Rental Truck Prices in Jacksonville

Source: movebuddha.com

The cost of rental truck may differ from one company to another but it may remain in one cost frame only. You must have a clear understanding of the cost before you plan on a DIY move and consider hiring a rental moving truck.

Rough Cost includes the following:

  • Base Price (Per Day): $20 to $30
  • Gas Cost: Purely depends on the distance to be covered and rounds took to complete task.
  • Mileage Cost: $0.50 to $0.80
  • Truck’s Insurance: up to $100(based on coverage)
  • Parking: $20 per day
  • Hiring Labor: $20 per hour (per labor required)

Looking at the above prices you would surely feel that it is cheaper and sustainable to rent out a truck yourself and do your move yourself, but it’s better to remember that there are a lot of hidden costs and hardships involved in the procedure. You should only go with this if you are ready to arrange all of these requirements yourself. Also, the chances of any error are high and you should be prepared for both mental and physical pressure.

Hiring cheap labor also can be hard in Jacksonville as most people prefer here to work at seaport as they pay much more than working in the moving industry and hence it is one of the biggest reason that you should only go with a particular moving company.

Average cost of Portable storage container in Jacksonville

A storage container can be a good option if you are ready to pack and load a container all by yourself and get it delivered to your new house with the help of a moving truck.

  • Container : $70 to $200(according to size)
  • Damage cover: $15 to $300 based on coverage
  • Parking Permit: $25 per day
  • Locks: $20
  • Initial Delivery Fee : $40 to $100
  • Final Delivery Fee : $65 to $120
  • Parking fees : $20

Here too, there are a lot of hidden costs that you will end up paying during the process. Hiring labor might be really necessary if going for storage containers as it is very difficult to work around with one. Pieces of equipment like straps, clips, boxes, etc. would also be required and should be considered along.

Why you must know the cost of moving beforehand?

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Financial planning is the core part of planning for a move when you are financially secure, you can enjoy a less stressful move. Knowing the cost associated with the moving process makes you aware of your spending requirements. Whether you are moving to Jacksonville or some other place in the world, you must have at least 3 months expenses worth of savings with you. The cost includes moving cost, cost of rent for three months plus the security deposit, day to day expenses and more.

It is best to start saving as the earliest to save yourself from the end minute hassles. Knowing the cost will also help you negotiate with the movers. When you know the basic cost, you can bargain with the movers if you find them charging you more than genuine. Research thoroughly before you decide to move and know how much money you will need to safely and affordably move to Jacksonville.

Concluding on our part, we would say that almost 90 percent of people in Jacksonville who plan to move locally always opt for a moving company. Considering the relief it offers along with the smoothness is just self-explanatory. Also, you should give a try on moving yourself and if all goes good then nothing is better than that considering the mobility.