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Convert Your Video Tapes to DVD or Digital Now

by Edvard Berlusconi

When captured and stored on an outdated medium like VHS video tapes, video memories on this medium have a limited lifespan. These formats degrade over time as they are not intended to last a lifetime. If you still have family video, you should be grateful your data lasted this long. Salvage your footage before time takes its effect and renders them useless.

Since technology keeps changing, digitizing your video tapes to DVD, Mac, Blu-ray, Windows, or digital file will preserve the videos and make them easily accessible.

To digitize your videos, you will need a VCR and an analog-to-digital converter. There are many models in the market today; instead you may need to consult with experts like Classic Memories.


What to Look Out for When Sourcing for Services to Convert Your Videos Tapes to DVD or Digital

Efficiency: Converting videotapes to DVD is an involved process even for an expert. For example, a four hour video tape would take four hours to transfer. It is vital to engage an efficient agency, as having your VHS for long may render it obsolete after a while. Like any other service, look for a company that specializes in converting your videotapes to digital efficiently.

Quality: Though videotapes are outdated, the content on the tapes remain relevant. Professionals that convert the video tapes into digital medium appreciate the importance of the memories and deliver the best quality possible. This is possible with the right equipment and expertise available in respectable establishments. As long as the original VHS is in good condition and quality, the digital version will come out great too.

Reviews: Always check on a company’s portfolio before engaging them. Previous clients will give you a preview of the kind of service offered and what to expect. Also, check the portfolio for past work done. Though photos and videos are extremely sensitive, and most people would want to keep their memories private, the agency must have a collection.

Cost: Good quality does not always translate to high prices. Experts leverage on the high number of clients to offer affordable services.  For example, professional companies capitalize on the vast client base to provide reasonable prices without compromising on the quality.

Experience: You do not want to engage an agency that will ruin your piece of cherished memories, which has stood the test of time. One sure way of avoiding such disappointment is by hiring a company that has extensive experience in the area. Though many will claim to have expertise in the field, check carefully to ensure you hire services from the best agency in the market.

Reasons to Convert Videotapes to DVD or Digital Now



Unlike the old belief that memories secured on magnetic tapes are forever safe, people are realizing this is not so. Videotapes have a short shelf life. In fact, the longer they are kept, even if they are not viewed, the more they deteriorate. The thought that precious memories may one day become unplayable is chilling. For proper care of the material and preserving your family video, it is crucial to convert the VHS to DVD to digital storage as quickly as possible.

Better storage and tech updates

Technology is always changing. There are better ways of viewing and storing content today. Old formats are quickly becoming obsolete, hence why you need to convert your VHS into advanced storage options.

Devices to play the old VHS tapes are also rare and will soon be phased out. Storage options like DVDs, flash disks, hard drives, and cloud hold more data while they physically occupy little or no space.

Sharing options

In this fast-paced world where people rarely spend hours together, you do not need to lose connection. There are many platforms where loved ones meet virtually. People can share fond memories like videos on these platforms and still connect, like they are together. This is only possible by having the data in digital format, hence the need to convert the videotapes.

Reasonable and easy process

Media and technology advancements are making task execution easier with every development. Today, converting old VHS tapes to digital is fast, safe, and efficient. Rest assured, your memories will remain secure.  The technology advancement has made it affordable to convert video tapes to digital options, and though experts handle the job for you, the rates are friendly.

Why Using a Professional to Convert your Video Tapes to DVD and Digital Devices is Advisable


Less risk of data loss. The internet has DIY instructions and videos on how to go about almost everything. Converting VHS into digital storage is a delicate process where one wrong move can lead to the loss of your lifetime memories, and those of others. It is not worth the risk.

High quality output. Low-quality videos are an eyesore. Professionals strive to convert VHS into digital formats without compromising on the quality of the video. They also ensure that no data is lost in the process. Professional companies have sophisticated equipment and experience that ensure they deliver quality work.

Cheaper option. While DIY appears cheaper on the onset, tasks like converting VHS into DVD or MP4 digital options involve sophisticated equipment and software, and is very time consuming. Buying or renting most of these tools is a costly affair, as you will not need them again once your tapes are digitized. In additional, you also need the technical expertise to properly transfer your video tapes. Outsourcing the task to service is a more viable option, as they are equipped for the job.


Memories are forever, and the best way to keep them going is digitizing video tapes into modern medium. Companies that specialize in keeping the memories you cherish alive by creating influential shows from your old videos, without losing the connection.

There are many things that most people cherish from their past, one being family video. Once digitized, these irreplaceable moments with family members captured and recorded, will be watched and enjoyed for generations.