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Simplifying Security: The Convenience Of Wireless Burglar Alarm Solutions

by Nina Smith

Even if you live in a peaceful and safe neighborhood, it is always a good solution to secure your home. The best option is to add additional layers of security, such as cameras, sensors, smart locks, and other modern systems.

A good thing is that there are many innovations in this area made in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology. For example, you can install a burglar alarm. If you want to learn more about this device, visit https://lucidfiresecurity.co.uk/security-systems/burglar-alarms-belfast/.

Main Features

Main Features

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There are many things related to these devices that make them different from some other security options. First of all, we have to mention that there are no cables. Therefore, it is more convenient. Also, you can choose a perfect spot where you can hide the alarm.

While the installation process is simple, it is recommended to call a professional to install it. The benefits of hiring a professional service are simple set-up and maintenance. Also, you can choose between two options. The one that is only audible, and that will create a loud sound when someone is trespassing, or a model combined with a camera, which is an even better choice.

When it comes to the battery, a lot of people are worried about whether it will last for a decent time. If you choose the alarm from a well-known manufacturer, the lifespan of the battery should be at least five years.

Most of the new models have a Wi-Fi connection, which means that you can check the battery status, but also to integrate the alarm as part of your advanced security system. For instance, you can turn it off remotely when you are expecting guests. It is perfect for people with kids, or when you are expecting someone to visit you when you are not at home. You can let your friends inside remotely by turning off the alarm and unlocking the door with a smart lock.

Another great thing about burglar alarms is their convenience. These devices are small, easy to install, and there is no need to drill holes or deal with wiring. Besides that, all modern models are using encryption to prevent hacker attacks.

Advantages Of Wired Alarms

Advantages Of Wired Alarms

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As we already mentioned, the main advantage is the fact that you can simply hide it in a preferred spot, and connect to the internet. You can use an app on your phone as well to turn it off and on. Moreover, you will skip the process of drilling which is more expensive and requires additional renovation in some cases.

Furthermore, it is a safer option. For example, there could be a way for the burglar to cut the main source of electricity, which would eliminate the wired alarm as well, and that is not possible with this model.

There are different sizes available. One of the best options is a tiny alarm that you can easily stick to any part of your front yard, like the entrance, garage door, or even behind some plants, and other hidden spots.

When it comes to other benefits, we have to mention the ease of access, remote control, cheaper cost of maintenance and installation, and overall better functionality. You will get full control over this system on your phone, and you can always check out what is happening at home while you are traveling or when you are working.

Besides that, it is quite simple to add this device to the security system. You can buy several alarms as well, and place them on risky spots around your backyard. The control is the best part. When the motion sensor activates the alarm, you will get a notification on your phone. After that, you can turn on the camera to check out what is happening.

For example, there could be a dog or a wild animal that activated it, and you can quickly turn it off to avoid causing panic in the neighborhood.

Are There Any Downsides?

Are There Any Downsides

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While it can provide convenience and advanced features, you should know about some potential downsides of this system. First of all, you must be aware of potential limitations. The sensor must be close enough to the main router so it can have a stable connection.

It is not rare that the router is not emitting a stable network at the same distance all the time. Therefore, placing it 200 meters could be a problem. In that matter, you should check out some details about the range and capabilities of both devices.

Also, not all sensors are the same since some of them have a better receiver, and that is a very important detail to check before you buy the alarm. That is the only way to make the whole security system reliable.

The price can also be an issue for some people. The installation is cheaper, but modern security solutions that are using wireless technology are more expensive when compared to standard wired ones.

However, the technology is getting more affordable, and you can skip all these potential downsides by making thorough research and finding the best model that suits your budget and needs. On the other side, focusing only on the cheapest models is not a good choice.

Final Thoughts

Burglary is consistently one of the most common crimes in America.  Nevada took the number nine position among the top 10 states for burglary in 2019.  The fact is that you will need to spend more money on this advanced model of alarm. However, it is worth the price when you consider the benefits like improved control, reliability, convenience, simple installation, and more. Also, you will be able to choose the perfect spot and make it difficult for burglars to find it and try to turn it off. That makes it perfect for storage, businesses, and households.

In the end, we have to mention that there are over 4,000 robberies every day only in the US, and less than 15% are getting solved. Also, thieves are usually targeting rentals more often, and the statistic is showing that summer has a higher rate of robberies.