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Connected TV Advertising: Why It’s Worth Trying

by Elsa Stringer

Fancy gaining an exceptionally valuable, engaged, and growing audience that you could fail to reach on a traditional TV? Shift to CTV advertising! To further investigate, with Covid-19 uncertainty that is estimated to bring $7 billion in lost revenue, Connected TV ads seem like a must. In case you’re still not convinced, let’s take a look at some key benefits CTV advertising has to offer.

But before we go further, let’s hit the basics first.

What Is Connected TV And Why Use It As An Ad Channel


Connected TV (CTV) is a TV connected to the Internet and thus enabling digital video streaming. Connected TV is a subset of over-the-top (OTT), supporting apps and services that don’t require subscriptions to standard cable or pay-TV services. Unlike IPTV, CTV doesn’t connect to any operators but delivers content directly to audiences on demand.

In today’s hyper-connected, data-powered world, more and more people are deactivating pay-TV services and hook their TVs up directly to the internet because of the variety of content available, and the experiences has to offer. As people all over the world adapt to the new stay-at-home reality, the industry has become even more influential. Here’s a fun fact for you to consider: today, we have more Internet-connected devices (23.14 billion) than we have people on Earth. On top of that, with more content at our fingertips to suit any taste or mood, we now embrace new forms of entertainment and new methods of attaining basic needs. With this in mind, CTV has become a massive advertisement channel that cannot be neglected.

CTV Advertisement: What Does It Have To Offer


Today, as we can see a huge popularity around the world, it might become a great channel for marketers, right? With connected TV advertising, your brand can be shown on Roku, Sling TV, Direct TV On Demand, and other streaming content providers to reach the households who’ve cut the cord.

Actually, advertising is a crazy world of options although it can’t guarantee placement and price of a particular ad spot during a particular ad break unlike traditional TV, where commercials are historically shown in a programmed manner. It’s the user experiences the ad can deliver to its target audience that matters the most. So, it might be said without exaggeration that in CTV advertising, people come first. To make matters even more interesting, it also provides more transparency as you know to whom the content is delivered.

Hence, if it isn’t part of your marketing plan yet, your brand might be neglecting some extremely killer business opportunities. Are you still wondering why CTV advertising might prove to be a very sweet deal? Read on to find out.

  • As it was already mentioned, it is becoming the new style of watching TV. That means, if marketers want to reach their target audience, CTV advertisement is what they simply cannot pass by. comes with a wonderful opportunity that is hard to find elsewhere. Indeed, it’s the only way to directly reach cord-cutters and streamers, a huge audience that might turn out to be your loyal customers.
  • It’s no secret that CTV can provide you with precise targeting and the lean-back experience of TV. When it comes to user experience, television advertising is king. Reaching your audience when they’re relaxing at home on the couch, in the mood of watching their favorite series is awesome. What makes it more epic is that CTV ads are personalized, meaning that they are shown to the right people, at the right time, with the right ad message. It’s the point which is really hard to compete, isn’t it?
  • Moreover, by encompassing the best of both digital video and TV – precise targeting in a premium video environment, CTV delivers a unique opportunity for marketers to not only target locally but to further drill down into unique audience segments thanks to advertising on Connected TV via geo-location.
  • Furthermore, ads create true omnichannel engagement. It’s possible to retarget OTT & CTV viewers across all their devices – tablets, mobile, and laptops. In other words, with more cross-platform data, user’s taste/preferences analysis, and accurate geo-targeting, a brand has more chances to be chosen.
  • What’s more, advertisers can access real-time data, giving space for prompt performance evaluation and a strategy shift. You can take advantage of both digital and traditional metrics, for instance, video completion rate. Simply put, with CTV ads, it’s easy to take a look at the whole customer journey and attribute conversions to viewing the CTV commercial. In other words, you can get an extensive understanding of the impact your TV ads might have on digital engagement, offline behaviors, and brand consideration in total.
  • Finally, a shoppable video is a great way to showcase the product in detail and lead consumers directly to the buy/converting page. From one side, it’s an ad with no strings attached, but from the other side, it can bring conversions right away. It seems like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it?

So, why not optimize performance or effectively target different audiences with different ads? Fingers crossed it works. But apart from just this, attractive ads with engaging formats provide marketers with the appetite to innovate. There’ are in-stream interactive ads, pause video ads, QR code ads, TV-to-mobile, and so on to take advantage of.

As a rule, all those ads are meant to engage consumers directly, encouraging them to take actions right away, rather than simply view an ad or neglect it entirely. With a bunch of engaging formats that ad messages can be served in,you can significantly increase broadcasters’ ad inventory and, of course, revenues. As TheViewPoint, an innovative monetization platform for CTV & OTT publishers, states, innovative ad formats enable maximizing CTV inventory while improving the viewer experience.

Closing Thoughts


In a big scheme of things, one thing is clear: streaming media is what viewers have an immense appetite for. On top of that, CTV creates new ways for brands to reach their target audiences by putting the impact of TV together with the precision of digital. It might be said without exaggeration, CTV comes with diverse capabilities and customization opportunities.

With CTV advertising, for instance, you can deliver more relevant TV ad experiences to new or highly elusive audiences. Due to impression measurement and device targeting, either by individual or household, you can truly understand the effectiveness of your advertising from its very launch. That’s why CTV is an excellent option to find your perfect customers and lead them to convert.