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A Healthier Workday: How Often Should You Stand Up at Your Office Desk?

by Nebojša Vujinović

Oh, the curse of modern times – the work behind a computer. Tell us, do you have a job that requires you to sit in a chair for hours behind a monitor, at a desk? Don’t worry there’s two of us. In addition to me who writes this piece, and you reading it, there are probably a billion people who are living the same life. Sedimentary life is the curse of the modern age. We say this because this way of life and work can lead to serious health issues. This prompts the question – how often should you stand up at your office desk?

Why Switching Between Sitting and Standing Up Matters?

Many people who have a sitting type of work believe that that is the way to go and that there are no consequences. Well, they’re wrong. There can be a string of health issues that will arise for one who spends his long work hours sitting behind a desk. Sitting, for one, is fine. Doing it for ten hours daily is not. It affects our head, neck, spine, lower back, legs, and feet too.

Alleviating the long sitting hours with exercises in the morning and gym in the evening will not do the trick. While it’s fine to have your workout routine and that’s healthy, it still won’t compensate for long sitting hours. It is necessary that you frequently switch between sitting and standing positions while at work. This is something you could even discuss with your employer. After all, standing desks with built-in cable management are a thing, and are a great option if you’re already getting tired of sitting at work all day long.

Going to work and earning is important but so is staying healthy. So, listen to our advice and start switching between sitting down and standing up at your work frequently. While there is no exact data in this field, scientists agree on a few things. According to ergonomics, you should stand up for at least five minutes for every working hour. You can do it for ten or fifteen minutes too if your employer will allow it. Furthermore, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine and their multiple studies you should spend standing or walking at least two hours if your work day is at least eight hours long. If you do this, you’re mitigating the health risks and feel better as a result too.

While we’re sure that you will listen to what we have to say on a base level, we also would like to take things further. That’s why, below, you’ll find a few benefits that come if you start switching between sitting and standing up at work on a regular basis. This is what they are:

No Body Stiffness and Pain

Source: askthescientists.com

Switching between positions during the work carries multiple health benefits. If you care about your health and want to live happily and healthily in your old age, you’ll start taking care of it right now. First, when your neck is aligned with your eyes it is vital not to bend or slouch your neck. Instead, start switching positions. This will aid your muscle movement and all stiffness will be gone.  Also, it is vital to keep your spine straight at all points, while sitting, as this will aid in making the whole ordeal work to its fullest.

Minimal to No Weight Gain

It is not easy to lose weight when you’re sitting during your work day. If you’re doing it for a prolonged period, the chances are you will be starting to gain weight instead of losing it. When you have a chance to change this, why not take it? It is all a little trick. You need to start switching positions. Stand up, sit down. If you stand for more than six hours you will be losing weight. This is a scientifically proven fact. Losing a few pounds is not an easy task, and if you start to switch from sitting to standing more often than not, they will magically go away. When sitting all the time, everything you eat will be stored and made into fats by your body, which will cause severe health and weight issues over time. When you stand, fast will be transformed into energy, and that’s all you want from your work day.

Decreased Chances of Health Issues

Source: nytimes.com

For one, we hope that you’re healthy. Many of us are for prolonged periods, so it’s hard to notice when things go south. For people who spend their workdays in a sedimentary position, it is not uncommon to develop cardiovascular issues or issues with blood sugar levels. Even if you already have any of these issues it’s not too late to start switching between positions. In fact, it’s better that you start doing it as soon as you read this piece. It will help you reduce the risk of different cardiovascular diseases and increase blood sugar levels.

Improved Productivity

Now, here’s a benefit that will suit both the employer and the employee. While everything said above is important, we should also mention that productivity plays a role too. When you switch between the positions during your work day your productivity will skyrocket. You’ll be more alert and concentrated on your feet which will make it easy to translate to better work performance. This is another reason why many employers should consider making their employees switch between positions naturally. To achieve this every office should have standing desks as an option, and further down the road as the only option. Also, today we have options for desks that can be both standing and sitting, and thus you need to consider versatile options for office furniture too.

Source: vari.com


Today, you are smarter than you were before. It’s all thanks to our simple article. The next day, when you go to work, ensure that you spend at least a few minutes standing at work. Later on, increase this number. As we said, in the long run, it will do wonders for both yourself and your employer.