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Classic 1980s Cartoons Available For Free on YouTube

by Nebojša Vujinović

These days everything is about streaming services. You have a new one pop out now and then, gaining traction with immense speed. You probably use some of the most popular platforms such as Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or Netflix. But, these platforms cost money, which makes them not a viable option for some. But, this shouldn’t worry you too much if you are a fan of old cartoons. Some amazing ones are available for free on YouTube. If you are thrilled of hearing this news, below you have the titles available on this free platform.

Adventures of the Gummi Bears

This is one for the ages. It was aired back in the day. From 1985 to 1991. The gummi berry juice was the power behind this cartoon and it aired on Disney Adventures. It followed a group of bears that went on various adventures. It was a fan favorite back in the day. If you are eager to relive these six years of your childhood, head straight to YT and do it right away.

Around the World with Willy Fog

Now, this is a name that rings a bell. The story in this cartoon is inspired as you can guess by Jules Vernes’ 1873 novel Around the World in Eighty Days. This is as a classic cartoon as one can get. The twenty-six episodes are all streamed on YouTube and come with amazing music and animation. Willy Fog truly is a cartoon that will last for another forty years with ease.


This one is something else. It is one of the earliest memories I have of cartoons and it is one I like to recall often. Coming from Beano Studios this superhero story is a never-ending adventure considering that the comic books are still ongoing. Of course, not everything ever made is for free but you have a large part available on this platform. So, if you want to see what Eric becomes after eating a banana, follow the link below.

Dogtanian And The Three Muskahounds

The name of this piece brings a smirk one everyone’s face. It is such an amazing adaptation of the famous novel that you probably couldn’t miss it if you were growing up in the eighties and nineties. This is another cartoon that aired twenty-six episodes and all of them are available on YT. The show in question also spans a sequel which is called The Return of Dogtanian, but that’s a nineties cartoon so we won’t comment on it too much. The first installment was much better and as we already said it up there for you to get nostalgic about it while watching.

Dungeons & Dragons

This is the one worth revisiting if you are an adult now. Back in the day, it was quite terrifying at times. Some of us still have vivid nightmares coming from this piece. If you are brave enough to revisit this masterpiece of cartoon animation there are twenty-seven episodes on the biggest free streaming platform.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power

I’m not going to lie. He-Man was the first superhero I can remember. Most kids back in the eighties share this sentiment. The universe in which it happens is mind-boggling for kids and Eternia deserves both its hero and its supervillain in the form of Skeletor. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are free on YT and we can never be grateful enough. If you are into this universe you’ll be glad to hear that She-Ra: Princess of Power is also available on YT for free. These are amazing times we’re living in.

Inspector Gadget

Everyone’s favorite inspector. Gadget was such an influence not only on the animation industry but also on Hollywood which also created a live-action movie starring Matthew Broderick. But, in our humble opinion, the cartoon stands on the highest shelf. This cartoon is such a mystery because even if you go through all episodes you still won’t have a clue who is the arch-rival of Inspector Gadget, Mr. Claw.


Here we are talking about one of many cartoons that were inspired by toys. While this one couldn’t replicate the success created by the toy brand it represents, it’s still dear to many of the eighties kids. The story of this cartoon revolves around Matt Trakker and his colleagues who create the famed Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand unit. On YouTube, you’ll find for free the entire first season and some of the episodes from season two. In the future, we can hope that the entire series is going to be available.


Before Mark Wahlberg and his Ted, we had SuperTed. This bear was the No1 bear star back in the 80s. We could argue Yogi the bear is right there with it. The best part about this one is that it was remastered into 4K quality which makes it super easy to watch. This cartoon follows the adventures of a bear named SuperTed who fights his arch-rivals Texas Pete, Bulk, and Skeleton. He’s aided by a trusted sidekick Spotty Man.

Ulysses 31

This story is another one that was granted a new image after being remastered. This job was done by fans of the show, which doesn’t make it any less valuable. In fact, it makes it more enjoyable to watch knowing there are people prepared to dedicate themselves to such remnants of the past. The Ulysses 31 is now a joy to watch and we can say that being fan remade and completely free gave it another level of quality. Please be sure to enjoy it.