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Reasons for Choosing Wine and Beverage Cooler for Storing Old Wines

by Tracy Finke

The older the wine you have at your home or restaurant, the greater is the goodwill of the place. An old bottle of wine is often regarded as something that anyone will feel special about, especially the guest. Similarly, having a good wine and Beer Fridge goes a long way to improve your customer relationship as old wines are rare.

There is always a touch of classic wines, and the longer you store them, the better is the experience you get out of consuming them. However, any regular refrigerator is not a good place for storing wines. You would need a customized or standalone or built-in cooler where you can keep all your wine collections.

Your wine collection is best kept and preserved only in modern wine coolers, and most of them contain great technological features. You may find some of the best wine coolers here at itylza.com so that you get products of high quality both for home uses as well as for commercial ventures. You may also find that the quality of these wine coolers may vary from store to store, and so are their prices.

Advantages of a Wine and Beverage Cooler

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Maintaining proper temperature is mandatory for consuming great wines. The greatest advantage of wine coolers is that people can store a wide range of wine collections at the right temperature. Unlike regular refrigerators that are frequently opened, thereby creating fluctuation in temperatures, the built in wine cooler keeps the temperature within it at a constant rate.

It is noteworthy that frequent opening of the refrigerator can make temperature fluctuate, ruining a good wine. Again the cork of the bottles shrink, and wine seeps out, which affects the flavor. To avoid all these, you need to buy a quality wine cooler from an authentic online store.

Good wines, particularly the well stored old wines, are expensive, and you get one of the best experiences out of it. A custom-built Wine and Beverage Cooler becomes more costly than other types of wine coolers in the market. Most high-quality wines come with UV blocking special glasses, perfectly designed racks, and technologically controlled humidity units. The designs are of different types and are made to fit in spaces that customers already have at home or in commercial establishments.

Wine Coolers are More Suitable for Home and Commercial Uses

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Unlike traditional methods, which can be difficult and risky, the best ways to store wines are in a wine cooler. Consider enrolling in a bartending school to enhance your knowledge of preserving wines, ensuring that you can create an optimal drinking experience for your customers. Due to design technology and features making big strides, it is rather easy and affordable to invest your money in wine cooler than before. It means you can recover your initial investment cost several times over within a few years. In other words, quality wine coolers are very efficient and last for around 10 to 15 years and even more if you maintain the same properly.

You can keep wine coolers at several places, which is as per the owner’s discretion, although there is a difference between standalone wine coolers and built-in coolers. The standalone coolers are to be given free spaces on all sides, and this is usually a minimum of 6 inches of space at the back and a minimum of 10 or 12 inches of space on either side. The reason is that a beverage fridge or cooler, as it may be called, exhausts its heat from the back. The same is not true of built-in coolers. They are designed to let out heat from the front and therefore can be fitted into a cabinet made for the purpose or beneath the counter or tabletop.

In the case of built-in coolers, you should maintain a minimum of ¼ inches of space on all sides, provided the front area is open for heat to escape. One big advantage with wine coolers against a home refrigerator is that you get to the upper zone temperature of 40 to 50 degrees F and lower zone temperature of 50 to 64 degrees F rather quickly.

You then need to check your power supply and renew the plug positions so that the power source is within easy reach of the cooler. Next is to ascertain whether the cooler is on a level with the ground. If you have spotted a good space for the built-in cooler you are thinking of purchasing, you ought to measure the area so that you can have it custom-made by the company. Some stores like the above give very good instructions as to how to install your cooler.

Displaying Wine Collections for Home and Café

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Modern wine coolers have a glass door to display the wine collections inside. It gives strong reliability, especially when you have old wines too. Wines usually last for six months at room temperature yet may last for several years when kept cool at a constant temperature inside a built in wine and beverage cooler bought from a reliable site.

Again, some wines last longer by a few days once opened, and it depends upon how it is kept at a constant temperature. Once opened, it is generally seen that low-tannin reds will last for two days, while higher tannin wines may last up to five days after they have been opened.

If you are thinking of buying a dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, you will find it has two spaces, each with separate temperature controls. It is pretty good to store all your red wines at 60 degrees F on top and all other white wines at 50 degrees F. You can place your new cooler in the kitchen or dining room or have your bar. In restaurants or cafes, there are special places for drinking wines so that you are left undisturbed by others having only their food.

If you are thinking of keeping your wines in a refrigerator, then you run a risk. Firstly, the corks of the bottle will shrink, and the wine will ooze out, destroying the flavor and make your wine undrinkable. It is because refrigerators are made to suppress humidity and do not work so well as a wine cooler. Besides, the wine cooler is also good for your beer as they both need the same temperature.