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10 Tips on How to Choose a Moving Company

by Tracy Finke

When considering relocating to a new place, two things often come to mind – to go the DIY route or choose a moving company.

Many people often consider the second option because it seems so stressful, unlike changing homes via a DIY route. Still, there’s a catch!

Choosing a relocation company is tricky. Some movers are licensed and reliable, while some are con artists. Fortunately, this guide on how to choose a long-distance moving company will make picking the right shippers possible.

1. Ask for Trusted Referrals

Source: thespruce.com

One of the best tricks on how to choosing movers is to ask for referrals from trusted sources. A trusted source could be close pals, relatives, friends, and family. Just contact any of them that may have had a previous need for shipping services to get reliable information on a relocation company to help change homes.

2. Follow the Rule of Threes

What does the rule of threes mean? It means picking not just one but three relocation companies. This rule makes it easy to choose the most favorable shipping services in terms of cost and services.

So, when choosing shippers, always make sure to have up to three shippers contact so that if one shows signs of fraudulent activities, finding another won’t be a hassle.

3. Keep Watch for Red Flags

Source: marketwatch.com

Red flags also mean scam alerts. These are warning signs that confirm the unreliability of shippers.

Some common scam acts of dishonest shipping contractors include:

  • Request for large upfronts
  • Too cheap estimates
  • No proof of accreditation, licensing, or insurance
  • Frequent name switch
  • No physical address
  • No written estimates or request for payment for estimates

The only drawback to this is that shipping companies today know that 90% of their customers are on the watch for small mistakes. So, they always act in professionally. However, observance can reveal even the smallest traces of fraud, no matter how well they try to hide it.

4. Check Their License and Insurance Status

If a relocation company is licensed and insured, it means the government recognizes them as legitimate, and they have permission to carry out their operations in the state. But, how do first-time movers know if shippers are licensed? A licensed company will have a special DOT number assigned by the federal government. So, contact the consumer’s affairs bureau in the country or state to verify the legibility of the license number provided by shippers.

5. Check with the Better Business Bureau

Source: thelopezlawgroup.com

Reviews are an effective way to know how good the relocation services recommended are. Then again, online reviews won’t always offer concise information one needs to choose reliable shippers.

Fortunately, the Better Business Bureau is a legitimate agency that makes getting information about relocation services easy. The BBB provides detailed data on business organizations, from negative to positive reviews and complaints from past customers.

6. Verify Their Certification and Professional Accreditation

Another tip on how to pick a good moving company people should consider is movers accreditation.

Every state has trade associations that vet shippers to ensure they are qualified to offer shipping services to residents. This accreditation exercise helps people considering relocation options find reputable shipping services so they don’t fall for scammers. So, for shipping contractors in America, accreditation from the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is key.

If shippers will not provide the AMSA ProMover logo or certificate, then they may not be reliable.

7. Verify the Address

Source: thisoldhouse.com

Of course, movers will always include an address on their business cards and website, so their customers know where they operate. But, the truth is that some shippers use a residential address that is not registered or listed under the company’s name.

If the shipping company is a local mover, then it will be easy to verify the address with a quick visit to the location. However, it may be difficult to verify the legitimacy of interstate shippers. A good move will be to find local shippers whose addresses can be verified.

8. Get Estimates

The tricky part of choosing shippers is knowing how true and accurate their estimates are. So, a good tip on how to choose a removal company one should consider is to get estimates is to applying the rules of three again.

Ask for estimates from the three relocation contractors recommended and compare their moving costs. Too-good-to-be-true estimates will be unreasonably cheap. So, avoid them. Movers who request some form of payment before offering estimates may also not be reliable.

9. Get All Agreements Written

Source: movers.com

Word-of-word agreements do not always have a legal strong-hold without evidence in court. This also applies when choosing shipping contractors. Shippers may promise discounts, liability covers, and some other special services without any additional charges, but without a written document to bind these agreements, shippers may not do what they promised. A good relocation company will always cover every agreement in a written document.

10. Find Expert for the Right Needs

Most moving companies won’t offer full moving services, while some will. Others may offer packing services but won’t provide unpacking services. Before hiring shippers, ensure they have the right services needed for the move. Ask about special services they may offer, their hourly rates, and how they make their estimates before engaging their services.

Also, if it is a long-distance move, make sure that shippers are willing to travel the distance to the new house.


Shifting to a new house can be a challenging and tricky process. However, choosing a trustworthy moving company will ease the stress of changing homes, whether long-distance or in-state.

Hopefully, this guide on how to pick a good moving company will be a good resource for anyone considering relocation options. If not, visit starkmovers.com to find more move and storage tricks from experienced shippers to start planning for transit.