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5 Tips for Moving Long Distance

by William Gist

If you are planning to make a long-distance move to another state or usually called an interstate move, you will need more time to plan than if it’s a usual short distance move. To help you move and make the planning a bit easier, we have come up with a few tips to help you get ready for this demanding task.

Give yourself enough time


Since there are so many steps involved in the planning process of a long-distance move and executing said plan, you will need more time. With a short distance move, it is recommended you give yourself at least 9 weeks, but for a long-distance move, you will need 14 to 16 weeks, particularly if you are moving across an international border or to a new state. The more complicated the moving process is, the more time you will need.

Understand the type of move you are making

There are two types of moves: interstate which means that you are crossing an international border or a state during your move or intrastate which means that you are moving within the same state. Many long-distance moves are usually interstate moves and require specialized moving service who can help you get across the borders. The type of move will determine the costs of the whole move and how to get all your stuff from your old house to your new home. So make sure you know before you start planning and packing.

Determine your budget


Before you start planning, you should slow down and figure out how much can you spend on your move, which will help you decide whether it is better to move or hire a moving service. Remember that a long-distance move will be much more expensive. Not only does the distance account for the cost but also the time spent processing and packing.

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Decide how will you move your things


Now that you understand what type of move you are making and you have nailed down your budget, you can decide which moving option will work best for you. Whether you will be hiring long distance movers, shipping your goods through shipping services or even moving them with a service like KKRemoval. You need to decide before how to move, make sure you understand how much time you have, how much you will need to be involved in the moving process and your moving budget.

While interstate movers will be considerably more expensive than local movers, they will be able to help you and advise you about any of the paperwork you will need to complete if you are moving all your stuff through an international border. Make sure you know the rules of a border since some states have rules for what can be shipped across the borders.

Decide how you are going to travel to your new home


If you have already decided how you are going to move all your stuff from your old home, it is time to decide how to get yourself and your family to the new home. The further away from the new location, the more you will need to plan for the trip. So make sure you do not forget about yourself and your family during all the chaos while moving all your household stuff.