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Check Out The Following Ideas On Saree Painting Design

by Sinke Car

Do you love art? Apart from hanging a beautiful piece of art on the wall of your home, you can get a saree that contains a gorgeous art design.  Such a saree can add a new dimension to your style and personality. Innovative designers from StyleCaret create art from different saree fabrics using pens and brushes.

Hand-painted sarees are ideal for certain occasions as they stand out among other conventional outfits. It is an emerging fashion trend that is hard to compete with. The idea of painting originates from the Indian tradition where they use styles such as stamping, pen painting, and brush painting.

Designers use authentic weaving techniques and add great pieces of art on rich fabrics such as silk. The paintings are an accurate reflection of creativity since they are skillfully drawn by experts who appreciate art. If you need a unique piece, compare the following saree painting designs and select one that suits your personality.

The green glory

Crepe silk is an ideal material which is easy to paint. The green glory pattern adds some excitement to the plain saree when it comes to its design. It fits perfectly on a pure white color. Designers add green floral patterns on one side of the pallu to reduce the monotony of having only one color on the piece of cloth. The green glory painting design is ideal for a person who adores nature. You can wear this as a casual outfit.

Sublime florals

Though the floral patterns  are somehow similar to the green glory; designers add some pink flowers to give it a new twist. They paint motifs on the front part of the saree such that the art covers the front area extending towards the shoulder.

The sublime florals also continue to the bottom of the pallu and pleats. Though the dominating color is white, the bottom of the pallu is pale pink to add more highlight to its floral pattern. This painting motif is meant for a simple lady who loves flower designs. You can wear this to a semi-formal outfit.

The dual-toned saree

If you prefer vibrant colors, check out the dual-toned painting design. The largest areas contain a blend of purple and mauve. The designer also adds shades of black and pink on the other parts of the saree.

Unlike other painting motifs, the pallu of this type features big florals that come in a bold pattern. The dual-toned saree is therefore ideal for a confident and bold lady. This design would look unique in a casual setting such as a party. The blend of colors with purple dominating express royalty and class.

Alternating patterns

You can get a cotton saree featuring a pattern within another pattern. The designers play around with the floral patterns of this design to come up with a creative piece that makes you look elegant. This contains alternating patterns which are intriguing.

It combines colors such as light blue and a shade of light green which form the first pattern. The second pattern is in the form of purple flowers embedded on a white-cream surface. They paint the motifs on light-weight fabrics such as chiffon or net.

Easy breezy

Florals provide artistic freedom since designers don’t have to follow strict rules on how to add them .You can get a simple saree that contains distinct shapes of petals and leaves in different colors. Such sarees contain large painted floral motifs which make them look mesmerizing.

If you love brightly colored, you can choose such sarees. The flowers are sometimes distributed from the pallu to the rest of the saree. Pale colored with bold floral motifs look stunning.

Contemporary twist

Sometimes, designers add rural ethnic themes which contain natural motifs and human figures to fabrics to give them a modern twist. If you want a traditional, you can choose the one that brings out spiritual themes through the inclusion of Krishna and Buddha on them. Such paintings make them ideal to wear on special festivals especially if you follow the Indian tradition.

Lotus pond

Painters also make Kerala cotton sarees in traditional mural motifs. You can easily notice the white lotus which seems to arise from the pond. It also features green leaves in the pallu. This is an ideal painting design for the lady who loves flowers and plants.

Pink blossoms

A lot of ladies love the pink color which brings out the feminine charm. Get a white saree which contains pink blossoms on the yoke section. The rest of the outfit remains white though it contains small pink dots that make it more appealing. This painting is done on a net.

Similar floral blossoms can also appear on a Tussar saree making it look different from the net. The fabric contributes a lot to how the paint appears on it.

Shanka and Ganesha pattern

The rich appearance of mural makes them famous among Indian women. Cotton and silk sarees are sometimes painted with Shanka and Ganesha patterns. These features facial features of deities and traditional ornaments. You can also wear such a saree to commemorate a particular traditional function.

Kalamkari jewel

It takes a lot of time for painters to add kalamkari designs on silk. They use vegetable dyes to come up with the intricate design. A hand-painted saree in this design may cost you more than the rest since it contains a lot of details and painters make use of natural colors. It is, however, a magnificent piece that you can wear to a wedding.

The color splashes

You can also choose these painting patterns which features different color shades. The designer splashes different color shades carelessly creating a unique pattern. The style contains color shades of saffron, baby pink, and mint green. It is an ideal saree for a wearer who loves a blend of different colors. Avoid wearing a lot of accessories with this outfit.