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10 Celebrities With Boob’s Reduction Surgery

by Mary McFarren

Breast augmentation has become a standard to make a name for yourself in the unforgiving world of the movie industry. Many flat-chasted actresses took the road of changing their appearances. The big bosom is not only desirable but often required for the role. Rare are the ones that stayed true to their physical appearance.

That being said, believe it or not, there are the ones who struggled with the huge bust for years. Being naturally blessed is not always a good thing. Back pains, clothing size, and getting away from the stereotype has been a major hurdle for some. How does an actress, with big breasts, trying to get her big break in Hollywood to get away from the prejudice that she is more than her looks? Hardly.

That’s why, on rare occasions, Hollywood superstars and star wannabes go for breast reduction. It might seem like the wrong move, but for these actresses, it paid off big time.

Pamela Anderson

Image source: profimedia.com

Now, this is the star that filled the walls of every teenage room back in the 90s. Her pose in a red swimsuit promoting the worldwide popular show “Baywatch” was absorbing every men’s dream. Pamela was never shy to talk about her cosmetic surgeries. In 1989 she did a breast augmentation for the first time. Thanks to blue eyes, blond locks, and huge bosom, Anderson was named “Playmate of the month” by Hustler owner, Hugh Hefner. At the time, Pamela measured 34DD in the chest area. However, the fatal blonde decided to reduce her bosom in 1999.

Kris Jenner

Source: baklol.com

The woman who invented the term “being famous for being famous”, the absolute mastermind behind the scenes, and the so-called “momager” has also had breast reduction surgery. Way back when Kris had her breast implants surgery. In 20 something years, they served her well. Still, silicone implants needed replacement, and Kris decided to go a size smaller this time. It has worked well for her so far.

Drew Barrymore

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Drew used to be a natural big-breasted girl. She found it to be a huge burden, so she too went under the knife. “There’s something very awkward about women and their breasts because men look at them so much. When they are huge, you become very self-conscious”, a Hollywood actress said.

Jennifer Connely

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For all of you born in the 70s and the early 80s, you must remember the video for the song “I Drove All Night” by Roy Orbison. Jennifer Connely, coupled with Jason Priestley, made the song world-famous in 1992. At the time, Jennifer already had her breast implants in place. For reasons unknown, she decided to get rid of the fake bosom and went all-natural, flat-chested. Oddly enough, the actress’ career took off, launching her to the very top of the A-listers. Jennifer is one rare example when going back to her natural self actually got her more roles. Maybe the talent joined with the beautiful face did the trick?

Queen Latifah

Source: baklol.com

Queen L is truly multitalented. She is an actress, a comedian, a TV personality, a rapper, a producer, and a model. What else is left in the show business, right? Still, she was not satisfied with her appearance. At one point in her life, Queen Latifah ended up being categorized as obese. She took matters into her own hands, hit the gym, and cut all the junk food. However, she was still left with huge boobs. The TV host went under surgery to reduce the size from F to DD. In a weird twist, Queen Latifah regretted it, saying that she misses her perky, big bosom.

Sharon Osbourne

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The TV star, and the wife of Ozzy Osbourne, the frontman of Black Sabbath, has had breast implants. She was carrying them proudly, showing off with a smile on her face. Surprisingly, she got tired of her breast enlargement and decided to go replace them in 2011. Sharon went two sizes down, from 34DD, bringing her breast to almost natural size.

Patricia Heaton

Source: baklol.com

The star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” actually had a legitimate reason to go under the knife. The actress has had four babies all brought by the Cesarian section. Her stomach, along with boobs from breastfeeding went droopy. Patricia opted for surgery to fix her saggy belly and breasts. “My breasts were hanging down to here from breastfeeding those babies, and my nipples were like platters. I wanted to fit into the gowns that I finally got to wear. I had a breast reduction and a tummy tuck, and I feel fine about that, and I feel fine about saying I did it”. Good for you Patricia!

Mimi Rogers

Source: baklol.com

The first wife of Tom Cruise has had a breast reduction as well, but for different reasons. “When I walked into a room, my breasts were always several steps ahead of me”, the actress said a long time ago. Also, she was sick and tired of the stares that made her uncomfortable. Mimi used to be 34DD, and she went to surgery to get 34D all because she couldn’t take any more gazing at her chest.

Katie Price

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The British TV personality was very open about her upper torso, and the procedures she went under. Solely for aesthetic purposes, Katie went under the scalpel to reduce her bosom from 32G to 32F. “They hang too low when I’m standing up”, the popular model said. Can you see the difference? Anyone?

Loni Anderson

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Loni was condemned, or blessed, with huge breasts. They gave her so much trouble that the actress had to reduce their size twice. Not only that they were gigantic, but also different in size. After all the pain, Loni gladly went under the surgery, saying: “I had been experiencing terrible backaches and shoulder aches. With a little rib cage and almost no hips and these amazingly disproportionate breasts, I looked like those granny cartoons in playboy”. The actress has been living a comfortable life since then. Albeit offers by movie producers went into a halt many years ago, but at least Loni finally feels good in her own skin.