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7 Simple Ways to Care For Your Older Parents Without Disturbing Your Work Life

by Nina Smith

One of the most emotionally complex things that a person can experience in their lives is taking care of an elderly parent. Very few people anticipate this task, some people deny that it is coming, and the worst part is when people neglect their parents leaving them lonely and helpless.

However, sooner or later, a bathroom fall or a doctor’s diagnosis can thrust an adult child into a caregiver overnight. Old age can be extremely unpredictable, and when it hits, it hits!

Suddenly, several problems are looming over you, such as hospital bills, work schedules, and a pause in your own life.

While we must acknowledge that such emergencies could happen, we should also understand that it requires time management and planning to avoid such incidents to take over your life like a storm.

Read on to know how to effectively deal with any such situation if there comes a time.

1. Make changes in the house

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Before you get on to care for your elderly parents and bring them home, you need to make changes in the interiors of your house. These changes, small or large, can save you a lot of trouble. Get rid of excess furniture in your house. Remove unnecessary clutter that occupies space in the corridors. Fix grab bars in the toilet and shower to make it accustomed to them.

Equip your house with non-skid mats for the bathroom and kitchen and fix other slippery floors inside the house. The list could look endless.

However, to wear the best caregiver crown, you will have to ensure that you make changes tailored to the needs of the elderly in the house just the same way you modify your house when you get a baby! You can learn more about caregiver at Firstcare.

2. Keep a watch

If you are leaving your old-aged parents home and they would be living by themselves, you must always make it a point to keep an eye on them. Hire an aid or install home cameras to always know what they’re up to in your absence.

A mobile phone is a great way to ensure their safety and stay connected with them if they are technologically savvy. Make sure that you are only a phone call away from getting in touch with them whenever they are in need.

3. Get help and hire help

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You may be living far off and therefore might not be able to check on your elderly loved ones every day as they are not as easily accessible. In such cases, you may think of hiring professional help, who can be with your parents full time and ensures that someone is there to take care of them!

If you live completely off the vicinity of your people, then locate various agencies that would give you excellent service.

Just make sure you inspect and know their reviews before hiring them for the task. Another great way of looking after them is opting for a CDPAP program wherein a family member who has been compelled to leave their jobs, gets paid for taking care of old people. Click here for more details.

4. Ensure regular visits

If you live far away or close by, ensure you visit them as often as your personal life or work permits you to. The more time you spend with elders makes a lot of difference to their emotional as well as mental health as it would keep them engaged. All it takes is a little love and affection to uplift their mood.

5. Exercise is a must

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While it may not be feasible to enrol them in a gym, you must ensure that they are physically fit, as this would help them remain active and healthy.

If they are sporty, encourage them to join sporting activities nearby or allow them to join a jogging group. Being a part of walking groups can keep them engaged with other people of their age group as well.

6. Be punctual with medicines

Medication is among the most important things you need to be mindful of when it comes to older people. As they get older, they might tend to mix up their medications due to poor eyesight or memory loss. Ensure that there is always somebody giving them the medication. It would solve the purpose as you can ensure timely intake of medicine.

7. Explore ageing care options

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At times your life can get stressful and any additional effort seems like a burden. Your life is split between providing for your family and the other half gets spent on your work. In such circumstances, your parents are left out with no one to take care off. If you are just about breaking even monetarily, then it is all the more difficult to provide for additional person. In such pressing situations, it is best to send your parents to a home care centre temporarily till the situation gets better.

Some of them are as follows:

· Geriatric care managers – they act as advisors or consultants that assist in guiding you to manage all aspects of caring for your parents. Their experience and help can save you a lot of time, resources and effort.
· Assisted living communities – if your parent is not comfortable being in an age-old home then and needs personal care all through the day then opt of assisted living and other housing options. In this way, you can ensure personalised attention is given to your parent. You can check courtyards-al.com for more details about the assisted living.

· Geriatricians– if you are dealing with several lifestyle issues in dealing with older people in your house, then it is best to consult specialized doctors who have experience in treating people with multiple health issues such as dementia, and other conditions that affect older adults.
· Area Agencies – this programme is a government-funded country-level office that is meant to serve local seniors. It is a great starting point this government agency can connect you with several other services and enrol you in government programmes that suit your purpose.


Things get a little difficult when you get older. Which is why we must help our elders out. Shower them with all the love and care that they have given you throughout your life and God will shower you with his.