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Important Car Care Tips in Winter – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

The whole world is enjoying the winter and everyone is planning to go on holiday during Christmas and new year. Many of them must be planning the road trip as well which is always a great way to a memorable trip.

If you’re also planning for a road trip then make sure you get your car serviced before hitting the road. This way, you can get rid of any common issues you might face while your holiday and freely you can enjoy those.

But if you still face any issues with the car while you’re on a road trip, make sure to keep the mechanic number handy. One of the trusted and reliable companies who can help you in any situation with the car is RepairSmith. Repair Smith offers on-demand car service anywhere in the United States. You can call them and get your car repaired on the edge. The best thing about Repair Smith is, they offer upfront pricing, online booking, text and phone support, and a service warranty. Along with all these, Repair Smith sends their mechanic wherever you are.

As said above, although Repair Smith is always there to get your car repaired and maintained but still make sure to keep your car in good condition during winter.

Here are some of the top tips for car care during winter.

#1 Battery health

Source: action4energy.org

Whenever you’re going for a long trip, make sure to check the battery’s health. In fact, no matter you’re going during winter or summer, battery health must be checked, and if found issue, get it repaired or replaced to avoid any issue during the trip. Although the kind of issue you’ll find during winter is different from summer. In winter, distilled water is present in the battery which plays a key role in the chemical reaction in the battery. If this distilled water freezes then it can create permanent damage to the battery.

#2 Tyre pressure

The 2nd most important point to take care of would be the pressure of the tyre. Tyre works on the simple principle – when it becomes hotter, it expands and when it becomes cooler, it contracts. During winter, tyre pressure decreases and so it is recommended to check the tyre pressure frequently during winter compared to normal days.

#3 Headlights and foglamps

Source: carparts.com

Lighting and eyesight can be one of the major problems while driving during winter. When it is fog then driving become too difficult and so in such condition foglamps play a very important role. Although this fog issue can’t be the same in every location but can be seen frequently during winter. During fog, the most important impact is on the driving visibility and so before your car jump on the road, make sure your headlight and fog lamps are in working condition and cleaned.

#4 Keep your winter emergency kit

No matter in which season you’re going on a road trip, make sure to keep the emergency kit with you. But this becomes even more critical during winter as the items might get increased. We have prepared a list of items you must keep in your winter emergency kit-

  • Torch or flashlight
  • Blanket
  • Shovel (small/medium)
  • Medical first aid kit
  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues
  • Multi-tools or swiss army knife
  • Bottled water
  • Warm hat
  • Cables
  • Readymade foods and others depending on your needs.

The best thing about these emergency kits is, many ecom stores sell this kind of kit ready-made. And so, you don’t have to buy these things separately and buy them at once and save precious time.

#5 Check oil

Source: cashcarsbuyer.com

Oil is the food of the car and is the most impactful aspect of the car. Engine oil is measured according to how thick or thin it is. Every engine has it’s own requirement of the engine oil and you should check carefully before selecting the engine oil. Engine oil that is too thin may not provide protection to your engine’s needs. At the same time, oil that is too thick may prevent the engine to start. And so, whenever you visit the fuel pump make sure to get the appropriate fuel.

#6 Wipers

It has been seen that car accident occurs very frequently due to the limited eyesight. If there is not much visibility then it might create the issue. The front glass of the car is the main area in which the driver looks and drives the car and if that is dirty and the visibility is not much then it may create a problem. Although you can go ahead and clean it but again after some time, it may become dirty due to the dust around the road. And in such condition wiper will help you. Wiper keeps your front glass clean every time so that you can focus on the road. While you check the wiper you are recommended to check the windshield washer also in case you need the glass to get washed occasionally.

#7 Get prepared early

Source: autorecjapancars.com

Although this point is not directly related to the car but is very important if you’re going on a road trip. During winter you might face various issues while you hit the road and so you should be prepared to tackle all those. Let’s say you have to leave home around 6 AM CST and planning for a 6-7 hours drive then it is advisable to leave home may be an hour early. This will help you in case of any foreseen circumstances.

There can be many issues like low visibility, high fogs, technical issues in the car, and more. And if you have to attend any meeting at the designated time then it’s good to keep some leisure time so that even if you face any issue, the additional time can manage it.


These were the top 7 tips for car care during winter. If you’re also planning a holiday trip, it’s recommended for you to follow these tips and make a memorable and cheerful journey. If you have planned a winter road trip, I would like to know your experience.