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Can You Sue Uber for an Accident in Florida? And How Much?

by Gaga Arizanov

In most cases, you cannot sue Uber if you are in an accident in Florida. This does not exclude you from receiving compensation for the losses caused by an Uber automobile accident.

In Florida, there are specific situations in which you may sue Uber if they cause an accident. If you or a family member experienced catastrophic injuries or a death, you may be able to sue Uber for personal injury or wrongful death. If you were hurt in a ride-sharing accident, a Florida Uber or Lyft accident lawyer may be able to assist you.

Is Uber accountable for the actions of its drivers?

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Uber hires drivers on a contract basis. This implies that drivers do not have the same legal protections as typical employees. They instead operate under vicarious responsibility statutes. In general, this implies that Uber cannot be held liable for its drivers’ negligent behavior.

Passengers injured in an Uber auto accident could seek reimbursement via their own insurance policy, just as they would in any other car accident.

Despite Florida’s “no-fault” car accident laws, you can still sue Uber in some cases

Unlike the majority of states, Florida has “no-fault” insurance legislation. By that, if you are wounded in any kind of motor vehicle accident, including an Uber collision, your own car insurance will cover the first $10,000 in medical claims, regardless of who is at fault.

There are a few exceptions.

If your injuries reach or exceed the state’s “severe injury” criterion, you may be entitled to sue Uber if they are involved in an accident in Florida. If your injuries qualify, you might potentially submit a claim against the company’s $1 million liability insurance policy.

If your accident injuries are severe, you have the right to sue Uber

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An Uber accident lawyer in Florida may file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf or submit a claim with the insurance company of the at-fault party. If the Uber accident caused:

  • Permanent harm
  • Significant and long-lasting scarring or deformity.
  • Significant and permanent loss of a bodily function.

In Florida, personal injury claims must be filed within four years of the date of the accident. Car accident insurance and liability laws in Florida are complicated. To completely understand your legal options and whether you can sue Uber for an accident or not, you should consult with an Uber accident lawyer in Florida.

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If Uber causes an accident in Florida, you may sue them for these damages

 If your injuries cost more than $10,000, you most certainly satisfy the “severe injury” criteria. These are some examples of injuries:

  • Complete or partial paralysis
  • A limb or appendage is amputated.
  • Internal bleeding causes organ damage or loss.
  • A traumatic brain damage that causes cognitive impairment.
  • Blindness, whether partial or total.

An Uber accident attorney in Florida can help you get compensation for your injuries and losses. These losses might include:

  • Emergency and continuous medical attention
  • Lifecare expenses
  • Pay cut
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of company, protection, or direction
  • Damage to property
  • Suffering and pain

However, there are Florida’s filing restrictions

It’s also critical that you follow Florida’s stringent statute of limitations. You have just four years from the date of the accident in Florida to file an Uber auto accident lawsuit. Keep in mind that your insurance provider may have its own claim submission deadlines. Furthermore, the state of Florida compels you to make a police complaint within ten days of the incident.

Finally, Uber asks that you report any accidents as quickly as possible. Their hotline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is crucial that you meet these filing dates in order to get the pay you deserve. Because of the specific conditions surrounding ridesharing companies, it may take more time to construct your case. Insurance companies and Uber may try to restrict their responsibility. It is advisable to consult with an Uber automobile accident attorney as soon as possible.

The best way to prove your Uber case?

Here are a few examples of how to establish your case in a ridesharing accident:

Demonstrate that the driver was working

Following a vehicle accident, ridesharing businesses such as Uber offer liability coverage for their drivers. Having a rideshare logo, however, does not imply that the driver is working.

Your vehicle accident lawyer should be able to demonstrate that the app was turned on and the driver was working. There is no confirmation that the driver was in their scope of employment if the app was not turned on.

Keep in mind that Uber may refuse to pay for your losses or injuries. You should also activate your app and call a vehicle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Have all of the required paperwork

Having the necessary documents is the first step toward receiving compensation. To begin, take a snapshot of the ridesharing app’s information. This is proof that you were in the automobile at the time of the collision.

Gather further evidence such as accident reports, accident images, and medical records. Your attorney may also gather documents such as traffic camera video and witness testimony.

Examine every fact

Your lawyer must demonstrate that the collision occurred as a result of the driver’s fault or carelessness. Your attorney should also do a background check to verify whether the driver was employed in accordance with the company’s policies.

If the ridesharing business was at fault, you may have a higher chance of receiving compensation.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Immediately!

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You don’t want to deal with an automobile accident on your own, just like any other. A Crestview Uber accident lawyer is well-versed in the law. They will also fight for the protection of your rights. They may negotiate with the insurance adjuster to resolve your claim.

If this fails, they will launch a lawsuit on your behalf.

If you do not have a lawyer, the insurance company will not take you seriously. This may not seem fair, but it is the truth.

They may offer you a low-ball settlement that does not adequately compensate you for your losses. They will also want you to sign a release. Don’t do it. If you do, you will be unable to pursue the defendant for further funds in the future.

Your lawyer will deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. They will attempt to resolve your dispute via negotiation. If this does not work, they will be forced to launch a lawsuit on your behalf. You might end up having to sue both the driver and Uber.

Make your initial consultation with an experienced Crestview personal injury attorney right now. It is absolutely free, and you will not be charged until your case is settled.