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Can You Mix Protein And Coffee? Let’s Find Out

by William Gist

Coffee is something that many people cannot start their day without. It’s the modern ambrosia that powers you up as soon as you get out of bed and helps you get ready for work, daily chores and whatever it is on your checklist that you need to do.

However, people that exercise on a regular basis require something else in the morning as well. Can you guess what it is? Yup, it’s protein. These two different drinks usually don’t mix together very well, or, do they?


Let’s put it this way. Your protein probably has a flavor of strawberry or banana, maybe mixed with some vanilla or whatever. Your coffee is… well, coffee. It’s already well-known that both tastes are completely different, so how do you manage to get both of these things in your system before heading off to work and beginning your day? The answer is protein coffee.

What is protein coffee?

Protein coffee is a trend that’s gaining ground really fast, and with all of the things we mentioned above, it’s pretty easy to see why. So, what exactly is this magical mixture that satisfies both your fitness and energy needs at the same time? Protein coffee, according to HealthCare Weekly is a coffee-rich protein powder that can be added in cold water in order to make a refreshing smoothie. Now, one thing that not many people will like is the fact that this beverage is supposed to be consumed cold. Why? Because the protein powder in this mixture is able to mix better in cold water, and it feels a lot more refreshing if you consume it this way.


When it comes to the fitness aspect, it’s no secret that consuming these protein shakes on a regular basis will help you a lot with your performance in the gym. Protein helps you build better muscle mass and maintain your bulk. It also helps with muscle recovery, and the coffee part will help with energy. You shouldn’t leave out your proper and balanced diet however, and you definitely need to pay a lot of attention to that as well.

Many successful athletes consume coffee for their energy levels, especially if they have something else to do during their day besides their scheduled gym session. Currently, you might think that protein coffee is just another one of those trends that get hyped up a lot and then just fade out after some time, but that’s not the case with this product. The main reason is that there isn’t anything that wouldn’t function the way it should in this mixture.


The protein part does its job and the coffee as well, the only thing that might be concerning is the taste, but a lot of people already confirmed that it tastes just like regular coffee, and it’s pretty refreshing as well. If you are wondering whether coffee contains any protein on its own, no, it doesn’t, but that’s why this mixture is so great. It is able to satisfy both of your needs with one drink.