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Top Considerations When It Come to Buying Waterfront Property

by Elsa Stringer

There’s no doubt that living in Melbourne puts us in close proximity to some of the most picturesque areas in the country. Many Melburnians seek to strike the perfect balance of living near idyllic views, while still being close enough to necessary amenities.

The desire for this perfect balance has led many to houses for sale in Mount Waverley and surrounding areas. These areas have become well known for providing a great lifestyle, with many homebuyers looking to move into Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Less than a half-hour drive from Melbourne’s CBD, Mount Waverley is a suburb brimming with amenities including cafes, restaurants, world-class retail destinations, and friendly shopping villages, as well as golf courses, parks, and sports grounds.

Another reason behind Mount Waverley’s high demand for homebuyers is the opportunity for lakeside views.


A home with a waterfront outlook remains one of the most sought after elements for Melbourne home buyers, largely due to the lifestyle benefits and picturesque scenery the locations offer.

While finding a new home with spectacular lakeside views may be a dream for many, it’s important to keep a few more things in mind when looking for your dream home.

Know what you want from a waterfront property

According to siennamtwaverley.com.au, before you start looking at houses with waterfront views, it’s important you first think about what you want from this type of property.

Is it purely for the views or are you wanting to swim every day? Or, do you want to go out on a boat and fish on the weekends?

If you want to be near water you and your family can swim in, make sure it’s a safe area to do so. If you want to fish or go out on a boat, make sure those activities are permitted in the area. Research the rules & restrictions that might be in place for the area you are looking to buy, as these could determine if it’s the right location for you.



There are many suburbs in Melbourne and surrounding areas that have properties for sale with waterfront views, so make sure you find the location that is right for you.

Does the area provide the kind of lifestyle you’re after? Is it close to necessary services, such as transport, shops, hospitals, and schools? If you are looking somewhere more secluded, just keep in mind how far and how regularly you’ll need to travel to get to these places.

When looking at the location, you should also think about how busy the area is, especially at peak times like the summer holidays. It’s well known that Victorians love to go to the beach when it heats up in summer. Perhaps a lakeside property will be quieter?

Could the home be susceptible to water damage?


Living on a waterfront property does present the potential risk for factors such as flood damage or erosion, so it’s important to assess this risk before buying.

Waterside properties are more exposed to the elements so you might need to waterproof your home to protect it.

Make sure to enquire about these possible issues with the agent to see if it’s a concern and the level of maintenance that is likely to be needed for the general upkeep of the home. Also, you should find out what buying a waterfront property could mean for ongoing protection. Will you need additional insurance to protect against water damage?

It’s worth finding out this information up front as it could play a big role in whether buying a waterfront property is right for you.



Safety should always be a top consideration for waterfront property buyers. Something to be mindful of is fencing between the house and the water. If there isn’t any fencing, ask if it can be installed.

Whether you have a young family, are planning for one in the future, or have pets, safety features are a must around water.

Private or public

One more thing to enquire about if considering a waterfront home is your rights to the water. Does the water form part of the private property for sale, or is it a public space only?

This could impact the access you have or the activities available to you and others.

Finding your perfect waterfront home


While there are certainly several considerations when it comes to buying a waterfront property, there’s no denying it can also provide you with many benefits. From waking up to stunning sights of the natural Australian landscape every morning and always feeling close to Mother Nature, to never having far to go to cool off during the height of Melbourne summer.

For many, expansive views that highlight nature and the peacefulness of water-side living, is the ultimate dream. So, whether you’re looking at houses for sale in Mount Waverley, or anywhere else in Melbourne, finding the perfect home that has a spectacular waterfront view, is something truly special.

Benefits of Buying a Waterfront Home


Lack of cash flow is one of the reasons why people hesitate to decide on this move. Because of that, they need a good reason to invest their money in a waterfront home. We provided you with certain directions that will make the entire process easier. Yet, we also want to talk about the benefits of buying a waterfront home. We are sure that you will change your way of thinking after reading them.

Peaceful Atmosphere

Living in an urban area brings different advantages and disadvantages in our lives. Indeed, we all have more opportunities for career improvement and better earnings. However, noise and crowds are something you will need to get used to. Doing that for a couple of years might not be a problem. However, after that, some people adjust while others are desperate to find silence and peace.

Waterfront property will surely bring you a calming and peaceful atmosphere. There won’t be neighbors next to your property and you will manage to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Despite that, there won’t be a huge number of vehicles that make noise. All these things will positively influence your mental strength and overall mood.

Health Benefits


Despite mental health, waterfront property will also influence your physical activity. You will get the chance to enjoy different water sports. First of all, you can swim for the entire day if you want. Despite that, you can enjoy some other activities such as kayaking that requires physical strength. There is going to be a nature around you that will allow you to enjoy the fresh air. All these things you simply can’t find in the urban areas.

When we talk about water sports, some of them can influence your mental strength as well. For instance, you will manage your stress by boating or fishing. The majority of people in the world enjoy these activities and use them to forget about everyday problems. However, water sports are not the only choice that you have. You can also enjoy beach volleyball, soccer, or golf.

There might be a couple of families around you so you can play those games together with them. Meeting new people will surely improve your social life. Be sure they are not going to disturb your peace a lot. They bought a waterfront home for the same reason as you.

Exotic View


As we said, people decide on this investment because they want to find their peace. Sometimes all we want is to sit and enjoy the natural and beautiful views. For instance, you can sit on the window sill of your room and enjoy the open sea. Despite that, it can be quite romantic for couples to enjoy sunrise and sunsets. Something like that they surely can’t experience in major cities.

Of course, here comes the part when you need to be careful about location. You probably understand now better why that step is crucial for purchasing a waterfront property.

We believe that all these benefits sound amazing in theory. If you put all the factors that we talked about into consideration, be sure they will be available to you