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5 Safety Tips For Buying Luxury Stuff With Bitcoins

by Nina Smith

The value of cryptocurrencies was recognized back in 2009 when Bitcoin was released. Although it was worthless at the time ($ 0.03), its value soon began to grow and currently stands at over $ 38,000.00. This cryptocurrency has been the most valuable and popular currency since the very beginning. It was created by a group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto 2008. Cryptocurrencies do not differ much from classic money, they have their value, but they exist only in virtual or digital form. Also, it is important to say that they are decentralized, ie there is no central authority.

We will also mention that they are based on the blockchain principle which enables direct communication between the two parties, without the presence of a third party, which makes each transaction secure and anonymous. When it comes to investing, cryptocurrencies are most often traded, although some prefer mining. However, mining is a bit more complex and requires better equipment, and is usually reserved for slightly more experienced players.

Bitcoin is very easy to buy today. There are several ways you can do this, but the easiest is to buy at crypto ATMs that exist in almost all major cities in the world. All you have to do is swipe your credit card and choose the cryptocurrency amount. Of course, before you do that, you will need to secure a crypto wallet to keep your money safe. Today, there are several types of crypto wallets, and the main division is hot and cold. Hot wallets are exposed to more frequent hacker attacks because they require an internet connection, while cold wallets are a much better and safer option, but also more expensive. But if you want to be successful in trading your cryptocurrencies, then you will consider this a smart investment.

What can you buy with bitcoin?

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One of the main criticisms of bitcoin is that it is not equal to other currencies. However, now you can buy almost everything with bitcoins, from a house to a supercar. Especially since more and more online stores are accepting cryptocurrencies. In 2010, you would need 10,000 bitcoins for a few drinks. Today, that’s more than enough to buy a whole pizza pizzeria. This digital money gives you the chance to afford many luxury things – luxury travel, hotel accommodation, airline tickets, and even tuition for your child. Gambling lovers can also use this currency for these purposes, thus increasing their chances of the increasing amount.

Or to lose, if you are unlucky. Since the use of this cryptocurrency is expanding day by day, then you should not be surprised by the fact that with this digital currency you can also buy a luxury gift for the anniversary that is next month. For more about the ideas check on bitluxuria.com. So, when we talk about the possibility of items you can afford with bitcoin, only the sky is the limit! You can also buy a luxury car with Bitcoin, or property in Beverly Hills, a beach in Miami. You probably didn’t know that certain car dealers such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche sell their vehicles exclusively in cryptocurrencies! In addition, you can buy gift cards in many stores for your loved ones.

Benefits of paying BTC for a purchase

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Unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin transactions are protected by a consensus mechanism using cryptography. Bitcoin cannot be counterfeited. Despite the high level of security of paper money, there are still cases of counterfeiting.

Miners emit bitcoin in the amount needed to conduct transactions. You cannot simply take and print cryptocurrencies and then perform denomination and devaluation – there are no such phenomena in cryptocurrency.

BTC transactions are anonymous, personal information of the owner is disclosed only if the withdrawal of cryptocurrency is withdrawn to fiat.

Bitcoin excludes the participation of intermediaries in the transaction. You do not have to pay interest for transactions to banks and payment systems. In the world of cryptocurrencies, only exchange offices and exchange offices hold a percentage when converting currencies. And the internal percentage for executing the transaction is extremely small. In other words, due to its anonymity, bitcoin allows you not to report income. Cryptocurrency transactions are more secure than conventional currencies. Hackers carry out attacks but rarely succeed.

Unfortunately, we can meet with many scams when it comes to cryptocurrencies, so here are some situations in which you need to be careful to keep your buying, trading, or selling cryptocurrencies safe.

Fake exchanges

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We have already mentioned ATMs as a way to buy bitcoin. However, there are also exchange offices designed exclusively for cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, many are illegal and just want to take your money. You may find them difficult to spot, but they are usually the ones that offer greater benefits than others.

Cryptocurrency donation

Information is very easily spread but also stolen via the Internet. Don’t fall prey to fraudulent tricks that offer you free cryptocurrencies in exchange for a smaller amount of money or sending personal information. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to scams.

Malware Hackers are creative when it comes to finding ways to steal from people. When sending bitcoin, always check twice, or even three times, the address you are sending to. Some malicious programs, when installed, can change the bitcoin addresses that are copied from the computer so that bitcoin can be unknowingly sent to the hacker’s address.

Money transfer fraud

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This is something that can happen to you when buying cryptocurrencies, but also when buying where you use cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Fishing websites can redirect you to a replica of the website you wanted to visit and steal your data and money. Therefore, avoid logging in to sites that you are not sure are genuine or not.

Non-return of the transaction

Finally, the biggest drawback we can find in a cryptocurrency transaction is the fact that the user has no one to turn to for a refund if he realizes that he has been robbed or deceived. Therefore, it is very important to approach cryptocurrencies carefully and take all the steps that will keep your digital money safe, starting with your wallet.