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10 Boy Band Hits From The 90s

by Mary McFarren

The nineties were dominated by pop music, old-school hip hop, and some R&B performed by boys bands. Many groups split after a few years with members starting their successful solo careers. Others were nothing more than one-hit wonders, but their songs are still remembered by the fans. Here’s the list of the most popular songs of the 1990s sung by boys bands.

“I Swear”, All-4-One

Many will not remember the band’s name, but everyone knows their song “I Swear”, a cover of a country song by John Michael Montgomery. The band had that one song that topped the charts and quickly faded away. It seems like the guys are still into making music, just with less success.

“When the Lights Go Out”, Five

5ive sold over 20 million records in 1998 just because of this one song. It was a huge hit, and the guys were on the path to becoming the most popular boys’ band. However, they soon split, reuniting twice. Two members tried to start solo careers, without success. They are still b=performing as a group, just the three of them though.

“Too Close”, Next

Next’s “Too Close” was the number one hit in nightclubs in the late 1990s. This brought them collaborations with Destiny’s Child and Deborah Cox. Regardless of the success, the band broke up in 2005. Two of the members reunited in 2014, and released the song “Leaving with me”.

“Girl On TV”, LFO

Lyte Funky Ones were two-hit wonders. Their first single “Summer Girls” shot them to stardom, and “Girl on TV” soon followed. Allegedly, the song was inspired by Rich Cronin’s then-girlfriend, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was also in the video. The band split in the early 2000s. Cronin died of leukemia in 2010, one member became a barber, and the third one joined the conservative church.

“If I Ever Fall In Love”, Shai

Shai had this one song in 1992, but the band members had different views about the group’s future. They quickly split, and after the departed members were replaced, the band continued playing to this day.

“Flying Without Wings”, Westlife

The Irish band had huge success on the island, scoring 14 number-one singles on the UK charts. However, people across the pond were not so welcoming of their pop tunes, and they never managed to make a breakthrough outside of Ireland and the UK.

“The Freshman”, The Verve Pipe

Another band that shot to the top with only one song – “Freshman” in 1996. Three years later they released a second album that went down in flames. The boys soon split but united again a decade later to perform children’s songs. They are still active, playing rock and kids’ music.

“How Bizzare”, OMC

Otara Millionaires Club came from New Zealand and topped the charts in Australia, Uk, Ireland, and Canada. Unfortunately, Paul and Phil Fuemana had a fallout about the royalties for the song and soon split never to reunite again. Still, the song remains one of the most recognizable tunes of the 1990s.

“Only You”, 112 featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Mase

112 were signed for Bad Boy Records founded by Puff Daddy (Puff Diddy). Due to his enormous influence in the music industry, the bonus got some major collaborations with the legendary B.I.G. and Mase. The band had several hit songs after, like “Peaches and Cream,” “Cupid,” and “Dance With Me”.

“Anything”, 3T

TJ, Taj, and Taryll Jackson are the sons of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson, the former member of Jackson 5. Even though they were coming from a famous family of musicians, the boys made the name for themselves in their own right. Single “Anything” is their first and last big hit, and shortly afterward the group split. They reunited after their uncle Michaels Jackson passed in 2009 and continue to perform.