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5 Things to Have in Mind When Booking Your Next Golf Holiday

by William Gist

Perhaps the most important moment of the whole year for many of us is going on holiday. It’s a moment we wait to take a break from everyday work and everything else we have to think about all the time. That is why the holiday is certainly among the three things we missed the most and were denied due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown has prevented us from going on holiday, especially outside of our country, and that is why we all can’t wait for things to return to normal, so that we can start planning our next destination.

Everyone has different preferences. Some people prefer a vacation spent at sea while enjoying cocktails and delicious food. Others love winter more, while there are also many people for whom visiting cities is a favorite experience. And sports tourism is one more thing which is becoming increasingly popular. Sports tourism is a type of tourism that involves going somewhere to watch a sporting event or participate in sports activities. We can say that most people opt for tennis or golf holiday. So we will remind you of all the important things to have in mind when booking your next golf holiday.

1. Pay attention to the choice of people you will travel with

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You may find it strange that we are telling you this, because you will certainly not travel with random people you do not know. But we will explain to you what we mean specifically. Since you have already chosen a golf holiday, which is a specific way of holiday, it is important that you choose people close to you who are as interested in golf as you are. Otherwise you risk that neither you nor they have good time as you all expected.

Be sure they go on this trip to spend most of their time on the course, not that they are more interested in spending time on the beach or sightseeing. It is not good for them to be beginners when it comes to golf, because they can get bored of being on the course all day. So choose people with whom you are close, and they are equally interested in golf and your level of playing is similar. Then you will be sure to have amazing time during this trip.

2. Flexibility with dates can save you money

As with any trip, the time of year and even the days of the week play a role in whether you pay more or less. The most expensive are spring and early autumn because then the weather is ideal to spend the whole day on the course. So consider choosing summer for example, in places where it is not too hot. With all that, if you can afford a few days off from work, go during the business days. The difference in whether you will be from Sunday to Wednesday, for example, is huge compared to the period from Thursday to Saturday. Around the weekend is the most expensive. If you are flexible with your schedule, you can save a few hundred dollars.

3. Not every course is suitable for everyone

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Maybe you have found the ideal golf resort and immediately want to book your trip. However, you should research well whether the courses are appropriate for you and the people you travel with. It has to be a place where it will be enjoyable for you to play. There are golf destinations that are way too challenging for most amateurs and if you go there, you will realize you made a mistake on the very first day. Also, there are courses that are too simple and can be boring for you, because they were made for beginners and guests for whom golf is not the main activity. You have to do your homework and research well where you should go according to your capabilities. Or you can visit directgolfholidays.com and let experienced people determine the best location for your holiday if you think you will not make a good choice on your own.

4. Plan what you will do when you are not playing golf

As much as you love golf and base your whole holiday on it, you still won’t be able to be on the course 12 hours a day. So think about what activities you will practice the rest of the time. So it is best if it is located near some interesting city or some other activity that interests you. We have one piece of advice for you. Plan other activities in advance for all days of the trip. And do so by avoiding playing golf in the morning, because then most golf travelers go on a course during that part of the day, to have the rest of the day for eating, drinking and other activities. We advise you to do some other things in the morning, and play in the afternoon for two reasons. The first reason is that it won’t be crowded, and the second is that it’s much cheaper to play in the afternoon.

5. Check the weather forecast

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It is very important to check the weather forecast. First check the average weather conditions for that time of year at the place you go to get a better insight into what the usual weather is like there. And then check the weather forecast for the period when you go. It is best to do this a few days before departure, because if you check for example a month in advance, it is very likely that the weather forecast will be incorrect. Once you’ve checked both the multi-year average and the weather forecast, you’ll know what kind of clothes you need. Here we primarily mean waterproof jackets and footwear.


These are some main things to keep in mind to make your holiday as beautiful as possible. Oh, and don’t forget to pack the right equipment. This Guide covers everything you need to play.

It would also be ideal to book as early as you can, because that way you will get big discounts. Don’t be lazy and wait for the last moment, but as soon as you agree, book everything and then all you have to do is to wait day of departure to come.