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How To Choose Between Cardano Vs Ethereum As An Investment

by Tracy Finke

When it comes to cryptocurrency, everyone gets excited that it delivers exceptional results in a short duration. It is true, and that is why more and more people are researching to take a bite of the crypto realm. Recently, a lot of hype around cryptocurrency garnered more attention than expected, and now even newbies in the market wish to try their luck at the game.

If you’re interested in investing in the cryptocurrency industry, you must have heard of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. These three are the top most assets to look forward to. Everyone is well acquainted with Bitcoins, but Ethereum and Cardano are still the new kids on the block. And these new kids are creating havoc in the crypto sector. There will always be a race happening regarding which is better.

However, there is a fundamental difference between Bitcoins and Ethereum & Cardano. Bitcoins are 1st generation cryptocurrencies. It is applicable for transaction purposes that are it can be stored and exchanged with other parties. On the contrary, both Ethereum & Cardano are blockchain platforms. Ethereum is 2nd generation, and Cardano belongs to generation 3rd. These are dApps that run on the blockchain. Click here to get in-depth knowledge about the cryptocurrencies various aspects.

Cardano Vs Ethereum

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Although from different generations – in context with the crypto world – both Cardano and Ethereum have established their dominance suitably. Since both of them belong to the same category of decentralization applications where multiple parties consume the same data and set their operations accordingly. The blockchain network or a P2P network are best suited for dApps.

Ethereum was first conceived in 2013, but it went live in 2015 after a round of crowdfunding. It is non-hierarchical, and the nodes associated with it do not need to take permission for their operations. It serves as an extensive network of blocks that miners use for minting purposes. The currency generated by Ethereum is Ether. In the last year, the value of Ethereum has increased by nearly 700 percent.

Like Ethereum, Cardano is also a blockchain platform, but it differs a lot in its functioning. Firstly, Cardano is created using research-based approaches. Its coin, Ada, can be used to allow peer-to-peer transactions. Founded in 2015, but Cardano was made open to the public in 2017. There is almost 2500 host on the network. In the last year, the value of Cardano has increased by 2350 percent.

What to choose and what not to choose

1. Algorithm

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Cardano and Ethereum are blockchain platforms, but both use different algorithms for their functioning. It is the algorithms that serve as the core of any program. Ethereum works on a Proof-of-work system, while Cardano relies on Proof-of-stake. The PoS requires less energy, and miners are assigned mining privileges based on the percentage of coins they own. In PoW, miners have to sell their coins to get the energy for mining. Out of the two, Cardano’s model is safe and scalable.

2. Speed

Between the two, Ethereum is faster. The prime crux of Ethereum is to be a dApp platform, but it can work as a medium of exchange like Bitcoin. But such is not the case with Cardano. The fast speed of Ethereum makes mining easy. The focus of Cardano is to be energy efficient. It involves validators whose task is to validate the task. Cardano is cost-efficient as well.

3. Eco-friendly

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We are already in a mess when it comes to environmental conditions. It is our last bout to save ourselves and future generations from living a dreadful life. Many people all across the world are mobilizing and doing their part to prevent the environment from collapsing. Both Cardano and Ethereum put a dent in the environment. But between the two, Cardano is eco-friendlier as it is energy efficient.

Working on Ethereum requires heavy machinery or supercomputers. Miners have to arrive at a 64-digit hexadecimal number to mine Bitcoins from the block. Since the bitcoins are getting less in number, this increases competition among miners, and thus, more computational power is needed to showcase results. If you are an environment lover, choose wisely.

4. Scalability

Cardano’s PoS is more flexible and scalable. Ethereum is limited because of little infrastructure, high energy usage, and more time consumption. Cardano PoS model became a hit to the extent that Ethereum 2.0 will hit the market with the same working model. Currently, Cardano is more scalable and more profitable. In the longer run, both will showcase positive results.

5. Acceptance

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It is one of the crucial factors that you must consider before investing. Neither Cardano nor Ethereum is accepted like Bitcoin. Bitcoin is far ahead in line in terms of popularity and investment purposes. People run after what is popular, and from that perspective Ether and Ada will require a heck of a lot of time to establish their grounds and get accepted as a trustworthy investment prospects.

The Final Quest

Whether to invest in Cardano or Ethereum is a decision that should not be taken in a hurry based on the popularity meter. Your investment goals must be the deciding factor. What you wish to get back in returns post-investment should be the prime concern. Is your investment long-term or short-term? Does your investment include risk factors? If so, then by what margin? Read more to see how you can choose either of the two.

Several platforms are vouching for both Ethereum and Cardano with the same enthusiasm, while some are degrading both at the same time. The reason is the prices and values are based on predictions, and predictions can go wrong in no time. Therefore, your thorough research matters the most.

On the other hand, financial and crypto experts are of the view that it is the best time to invest in crypto and make money. There is no such risk as the saturation point is yet to arrive. And to say which one is better of the two is a hard statement to make. Both have their pros and cons. The best analogy is beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.