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Best Grass Type Pokémon

by Elsa Stringer

While each species has its advantages and disadvantages, the best benefit of using the grass Pokémon is high effectiveness against water, rock, and ground type of Pokémon. They are great in battles, so it is recommended to always have a few of this type in your deck.

It is not easy to choose which Grass Pokémon is the best, so, in this article, we are going to introduce you with some of the strongest and Best Grass Type Pokémon that you should always have in your team.



Abomasnow is an evolved version of Snover, which can further change the shape into Mega Abomasnow. This Grass Pokémon is the fourth generation, and it is also an ice type too. This green and white Pokémon live in the mountains. The greatest ability of Abomasnow is blizzards. The stats of this Pokémon are basic, but his evolved version is very strong.



Victreebel is a combination of grass and poison type of Pokémon. It belongs to first-generation, and it was very popular when the game came out. Vectreebel is evolving from Weepingbell, and it can attract its prey with a luscious odor. The stats of this Pokémon are above average.



Roserade is a grass and poison type of Pokémon. It has above-average stats with special attack and defense as greatest abilities. This Pokémon belongs to a fourth generation, and it is an evolved version of Roselia. Roserade has a similar ability like Victreebel, to attract the victims with a smell.



Ferrothorn is the evolved version of Ferroseed, and it is the fifth generation of Pokémon. The greatest ability of Ferrothorn is his defense, while the big disadvantage is his low speed. The interesting fact about this Pokémon is how he walks with the help of the vine that is coming out of his body.



Torterra looks like some big alien turtle. This Pokémon belongs to a fourth generation, and it is also ground type besides grass. Also, it is an evolving version of Grotle. It has great attack and defense. The interesting thing about Torterra is that some of the small Pokémon lives on his shell.



Meganium is the last evolving form of Chikorita. It belongs to the second generation of Pokémon. This Pokémon is one of the stronger ones that belong to a Grass Type. Meganium is the symbol of peace, with its ability to calm down angry Pokémon and to revive plants. The defense is Meganiums best ability.



Leafeon is one of the types that Eevee can evolve in. Eevee can evolve into any of the elements. Leafeon has great attack and defense, and its greatest ability is the photosynthesis to get the power from the sunlight. This mighty Pokémon belongs to a fourth generation.



Venusaur is one of the most popular grass type Pokémon and all Pokémon overall in all time. Venusaur is an evolved version of Ivysaur. It belongs to a first-generation, and can further change the form into Mega Venusaur. Its greatest ability is the Solar Beam, which he performs with the help of the sunlight that Venusaur collects with his flower on the back.