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Best Face Apps For Computers and Smartphones

by William Gist

As technology improves, so does the cameras on our smartphones. And with the advancements, it also brings various innovations to the consumer applications, and sometimes they come in different forms of face apps. If you do not know what they are, Face Applications allow you to use filters on your picture, you can choose a funny filter, a scary one, or you could even opt for switching faces with your friends. In this article, you will be able to read about the best face apps that you can download on both Android and iOS smartphones. Let’s take a look:



FaceApp became viral when it implemented an aging filter as a feature of the app. Besides this, it also offers various filters so you can make yourself look younger or older, you can make yourself smile, change your gender, hair colors, and even add glasses.

Face Blender

face blender


This app is a funny selfie poster creator that can blend your face into any picture that you choose. It is a simple app, so you will not have to spend a lot of time to figure out how it works. All you will have to do is select a picture of yourself and choose a template and the app will blend your face on that template.



Cupace is an app that offers face swap. Unlike the popular Snapchat, this app lets you manually extract faces from a picture and then paste it on other pictures. It has an easy three-step process, cut a face, choose a picture, and paste the face on the picture. The only disadvantage of the application is that it does not have auto face detection which would make the app perfect.



This interesting online program called StarByFace allows you to upload a picture of yourself to see what celebrity you look like. It is a simple process, you just upload a picture of yourself, the system will detect your face and create a facial pattern, and then the network will compare you with celebrity faces. You will get the result in a matter of seconds and you will be able to see who is your celebrity doppelganger.



This app was later bought by Facebook, MSQRD (pronounced as Masquerade) was Facebook’s response to Snapchat’s face swap feature. Unlike the other apps from this list, MSQRD allows you to record video selfies. Once you enter the app, you will be able to choose between taking a selfie or recording a short 30-second video. After that, you can choose between a wide range of effects and once you have found what you want, you can take a picture or record a video.

Face Swap


This app does much more than its name implies. It is an image editor with a lot of filters and features. You can edit pictures and add text, stickers, color collection, etc. You can choose to apply the filters in real-time, however, you can also add pictures from your gallery and have some fun with it.


As you were able to read, these are some of the best face apps that you can use on your Android or iOS smartphone. Hence, do not waste any more time and try out some of these apps which are quite interesting and fun.