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Best “Forensic Files” Episodes

by Elsa Stringer

Have you ever watched the TV series ‘Forensic Files‘? Well, it’s about one of the best TV series dealing with the most interesting police cases and murders that shocked the public. In addition, ‘Forensic Files’ can also be considered the longest series of this type. The first episode was aired on April 23, in 1996. Since then, until 2011, a total of 406 episodes have been broadcast, of which the sixth episode was specials.

So, on June 17, 2011, the last episode was broadcasted. Another interesting fact is that all the cases presented in the TV series are based on true events and personalities. The aim of each episode present details about a specific case, and there are lots of interesting ones. In order to present you the best episodes of ‘Forensic Files’, we decided to create the next list based on the voices of many fans. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

5. “Speck of Evidence”

Let’s say something about episode 11 in the 3rd season. Here is a mysterious case about the little girl who disappeared in the suburb of Tucson, Arizona. The story of an 8-year-old girl named Vicki Hoskins is based on true case. It was September 17, in 1984, when little Vicki went to send a letter to her mother, but she never returned home. The only thing the investigators were able to find was her bicycle. Great help to uncover all the details of this case was forensic science.

4. “The List Murders”

Another real story is featured in the episode “The List Murders”. This is the twelfth episode of the 1st season and shows the story of John List, a man who managed to hide from the law for 18 years after he killed his family. However, there are always evidence and methods for the detection of the murderer, so the investigators used arts to find John List.

3. “Something’s Fishy”

In this episode, it is possible to see the real significance of forensic science and how much it has contributed to solving some very difficult cases. In the ninth episode of the second season, it was found that two people from Seattle were killed by pills. When the analysis of these pills was performed, it was found that they contained a cyanide. It was a clear sign for investigators that it was murder.

2. “Invisible Intruder”

Imagine that you are a woman who constantly fears a potential attack by a serial rapist. Well, that’s exactly what happened in a city in Louisiana. However, forensics and its technologies once again showed power and solved this long-lasting case. The key to finding the criminal was geographical profiling.

1. “Last Will”

And finally, the episode that won the most votes by fans of the Forensic Files TV series is 42nd one in season 7. The public was again shocked when the abduction of Shari Faye Smith, a girl who was only 17 years old, took place. However, the kidnapper didn’t stop, but further tortured her family with constant calls. Also, the killer forced her to write her last will, which was a piece of paper that later helped investigators to discover maniac.