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5 Best Dog Breeds For Outdoor Adventures To Keep You Active in 2024

by Dangula Bingula

If you are an adventurous person and spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s always nice to have someone accompany you. However, it’s not unusual for these types of people to have couch potatoes as friends, which is why they are sentenced to going through these adventures all on their own. On top of that, people usually just get in the way, so you are much better off alone. I know that might sound a bit harsh, but that’s just the way it is.

Still, everyone likes some company from time to time in their outdoor activities. Not only is it more fun when you have someone by your side, but it can also motivate you to engage in adventures more often. We do tend to get lazy, don’t we? But, if we have already made it clear that people get in the way and aren’t actually a good company when it comes to this, what is it that we can possibly do about it?

Do I sound like I am having a stroke or at least a hard time making my mind up? One minute I’m talking about the company, the next minute I’m talking about doing this alone, and before you know it, I’m mentioning company again. Does something sound off here? Well, it actually doesn’t, and I know very well what I am talking about. If you’re unable to take a guess by now, then I’ll give you a hint.

The Perfect Company


What has four legs, drools, likes to run, jump, and play outside? Emphasis on the “four legs.” I suppose you can now take that guess. That’s right – it’s a dog! There you have it – your perfect companion for outdoor activities. You’re not alone, but you are also not bothered by inquisitive and talkative people who mistake these adventures for “gossip sessions,” or similar.

Those annoyances are easily avoided with a dog by your side. You spend some quality time with your animal, while also enjoying your hobbies. And, trust me, it will be twice as fun with the little flea-bag all geared up and ready to move. Speaking of gearing up, you should visit PetDogPals.com in order to find all the necessary equipment for your adventurous companion, as well as get some useful tips on how to get the most out of your time together. Once you are all set, it’s time to go!

What’s that? You still don’t have a dog, but you would love to get one that loves the outdoors as much as you? Well, you definitely have some thinking to do. It is a common misconception that every single breed is extremely active by nature. Sure, every dog likes to play fetch, do a bit of running and sniffing around. But, that doesn’t mean that every dog enjoys those outdoor adventures equally.

That’s exactly why I said that you have some thinking to do. Get informed about the breeds that will really be your best friends and loyal companions in the outdoors. By choosing to buy or adopt a breed like these, you are getting yourself the perfect company, while also making the specific dog very happy because it also gets to do what it loves. So, do yourself a favor and find the right doggie to accompany you before embarking on an adventure.

Border Collies


Almost every outdoor adventure you can picture is going to be more fun and more enjoyable with this dog tagging along. Border collies are known to be the perfect companions for running, hiking, canoeing, camping, mountain climbing, and probably anything else you can think of at any point in your life. Since they are one of the smartest breeds to ever exist, you can easily teach them just about anything they need to know so that you, too, can have a great experience together.

They are fast, agile, and athletic, meaning that they can take anything that comes their way. A breed like this is not meant to stay trapped inside your apartment at all times. They need their exercise just as much as you do. So, by taking them on your trips and journeys, you’re also doing them a favor. Border collies’ energy levels are through the roof, which means that you will definitely get tired faster than your companion.

Labrador Retrievers


As one of the most popular breeds in the world, Labrador Retrievers are playful, fun, happy, and full of energy. Their perfect idea of a fun activity involves water. Yes, that’s right. This breed adores everything that has to do with water. So, if you’re going on an adventure that involves swimming, rivers, beaches, lakes, or any kind of water-covered areas, you should definitely bring a Lab with you. In addition to being a great friend, this breed definitely needs to exercise – so by taking them with you, you are taking care of their health.

Alaskan Malamutes


Given that they have long been known as sled dogs, it is not surprising that Alaskan Malamutes have an important place on our list. They love to be put to work, and they will enjoy any outdoor activities with their owners. However, in order for you to enjoy it as well, you need to train this dog properly while it is a puppy. Otherwise, they might start acting like they are in charge, which will leave you to be the companion. That would be a bit awkward, right?

Bernese Mountain Dogs


Although the name of this breed suggests that they are very active, you should keep in mind that these dogs might not have as much endurance as, say, the Border Collies. However, they are still great outdoor friends who love nature and need regular exercise. The only thing is that you might need to rest more often.

Irish Setters


These doggies are naturally drawn towards exploring the outside world. Wide-open spaces are their personal idea of heaven. This breed is highly intelligent, which allows you to train them and teach them all the tricks that will make your adventure pleasurable. They are also very active, so a daily share of exercise is absolutely necessary.