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Best Beach Accessories to Have

by Elsa Stringer

While most beachgoers will grab a towel and some sunscreen and dash to the fun, that’s not me. I have to find essential accessories and ensure I pack them. I believe that every moment at the Oceanside should be fun and memorable. That can only be possible with the best beach accessories.

In my view, that means much more than a towel and sunscreen.

So, are you planning to go to the beach and do not know what to carry? These items are the best accessories to have:

1. Sturdy Beach Chair


Comfortable and sturdy beach chairs always make a difference. Not only do they promise optimal relaxation and seating safety, but they also feature amazing add-ons.

Preferably, you should pick an outdoor chair that comes with an insulated pouch for keeping your beverages chilled. It should also fold into a lightweight backpack and should feature a cup holder and many other add-ons.
You can check out fantastic beach chairs at beachrising.com, a website dedicated to all beach enthusiasts.

2. Water Shoes


Sand can feel uncomfortable between your toes and under your feet. It can sometimes even burn your feet. As a result, you don’t have to walk bare feet.

Also, wearing your usual shoes may not be ideal because they could either be heavy or not waterproof. You require footwear that will keep both sand and water out, and this is where I recommend the best beach water shoes.

The shoes are fast-drying, comfortable, and durable and come in options for both adults and kids.

3. Insulated Cooler


You surely would love to have some cold drinks when it gets hot in the outdoors. How about you bring an insulated cooler bag?

Consider a cooler bag that can hold several beverage cans. Additionally, it should allow you to pack your meals and snacks. Some cooler bags can even keep your lunch hot, which is impressive.

Some of the best add-ons to consider are a beer opener, an inside mesh pocket, and a zippered pocket. What’s more, the cooler bag should be both leak-proof and scratch-proof.

4. Inflated Lounger


Apart from taking a cold drink, there’s nothing more refreshing on a hot afternoon on the coast than floating on water. That’s the experience you get from using an inflated lounger.

Other inflatable loungers allow you to even sprawl on the sand. They stay inflated for several hours and don’t require a pump to puff them up.

Plus, they come in a pillow-shaped head support design to guarantee optimal neck comfort.

5. Sand-Proof Blanket


The chances are that you would love to sit on the beach to enjoy the sunset. Perhaps you would want to grab a nap or read a book.

You can do it all from the comfort of a sand-proof blanket. The blanket cushions your skin against the abrasive, burning sand while providing ample padding.

Consider an extra-large sand-proof blanket to accommodate more people. It should also come with stakes for ground reinforcement and a zippered pocket for your small items.

6. Portable Beach Umbrella


You no longer have to endure the blazing sand or avoid going to the beach because of it. All it takes is a UV-protected portable umbrella.

The umbrella should be rated UPF50+ to block off at least 99.5% of ultraviolet rays. It should also be water-repellent to shelter you against the rain.

Furthermore, the umbrella should open wide enough to shelter everyone, and should come with tethering stakes to provide additional ground stability.

7. Sun Hat


How about some fashion on the beach? A sun hat can help you achieve that. More importantly, the accessory shields your face from the sun, making it comfortable for you to walk on the shore in the afternoon.

The outdoor hat should also be UPF 50+rated to block off 99.5+% of UV rays. More to it, it should be lightweight and breathable.

8. Camping Tent


If you plan to camp on the beach, then you’ll undoubtedly need a camping tent. The structure protects you from strong wind, the scorching sun, and the rain while providing you with privacy.

You should get a camping tent that’s easy to set up and spacious to accommodate your group or family. The shade structure should be made from waterproof and breathable fabric.

9. Beach Wagon


If you are going to the beach as a family, you’ll need an easy way to move your supplies around.

So, bringing a beach wagon is a smart idea. It allows you to carry every massive thing, and that includes your toddler.

The wheeled structure should have a large loading capacity to accommodate all your supplies. It also needs to be foldable and easy to clean.

Some top add-ons to consider are an adjustable handle, cup holder, and a carry case.

10. Beach Towel


I know I mentioned a beach towel in my opening remarks, but I have to recommend it for its importance. You need it to dry off your wet skin after a moment in the waters.

The towel could also serve as a beach blanket to allow you to sit on it. So, ensure it’s large enough to fit you and should feel soft.

Plus, sand shouldn’t stick, and the towel needs to dry fast.

11. Dry Bag

There is always the likelihood that something will get wet on the coast. It could be your clothes, towel or footwear.

Instead of keeping the damp stuff with the rest of your supplies, consider using a dry bag. The bag shall help to protect all your dry supplies from dampness.

12. Accessory Carry Bag


How do you plan to carry most of the accessories on this list? I recommend you use a beach accessory bag. It should have the ability to shake off sand quickly, be fast-drying, and should come with massive storage.

Some accessory bags can hold up to 150 pounds and feature multiple waterproof pockets. That’s great for you if you have more supplies to carry.


With the above beach accessories, you are ready to head to the coast for an adventurous time. They make the experience more exciting and comfortable for you. So, it’s time you get all the 12 accessories on my list if you already haven’t.