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6 Reasons Why Outdoor Signage Is Still Good for Business

by Sinke Car

We’re living in a world where digital advertising and social media advertising are the order of the day. With so many aspects to focus on in any business, you may make the mistake of focusing on only this one aspect, because yes, it’s important. But it’s not the ONLY marketing medium relevant to your future success.

The reach digital marketing has may be very beneficial if your business doesn’t need clientele to visit your actual premises. Therefore, digital resources should be the focus of many online shopping businesses. But if you own the bakery on the corner or the hair salon behind the supermarket, your advertising needs are slightly different.

Outdoor Signage – It’s Worth Changing Your Perspective


Locals in your neighborhood use many methods to find the products and services they’re after. Outdoor signs tell people in your community where your business is and what you offer. And that’s only one example of scenarios where physical signage can make an impact.

You shouldn’t underestimate its power or feel limited in your options  just because it’s an ‘old’ method. Effective outdoor signs can be designed to your business’ unique advertising requirements. Companies specializing in outdoor signs like McNamara Signs will be able to assist you with a design specific to your business needs.

Here are a few reasons why investing in some well-designed outdoor signs is STILL good for business.

Marketing Statistics that Matter


These numbers will show you the importance of signage in our modern society. If you need proof to motivate your partner or boss to try something new, here it is:

  • About half of modern society may avoid a business if the company uses poor quality signage. This proves that people do notice them.
  • Without any signage out front, 60% of consumers are likely to pick another competitor. This could be because the absence of signs make them doubt whether you’re even open for business; or perhaps it makes them uncertain of what they’ll find inside. Assure them you’ve got what they need, even before they enter the door.
  • Over 60% of clients will make an assumption about your product or service quality based on your signage quality. Even if you already have signs, an upgrade is a valuable investment because something as small as a grammar error can lead to clients doubting your business. So, make sure you’re sending the right message with the words you’re using. And yes, it’s worth the expense to employ experts to get it right, rather than opting for DIY!
  • Many businesses report an increase in clientele – for some as much as 10% – after updating their outdoor signage in the correct manner.
  • Experts believe the right signage can increase your customer numbers by over 70%.

Numbers don’t lie. You can see this is a smart business investment. But what is the psychology behind these statistics?

Reasons to Add Signage to Next Year’s Budget

It Builds Brand Awareness


The most important aspect of any business should be to build or maintain brand awareness. Your brand differentiates you from other companies offering the same or similar services. With so many businesses competing for the same clientele, signage is an important method of separating you from your direct competitors.

Think of companies like McDonalds and KFC. As popular and renowned as they are, a lot of effort still goes into outdoor signage that identifies them.

Maximum Exposure


Hundreds of people, whether it be walking or driving, will pass by your business every day. A well designed, strategically placed sign will be seen by multiple people. An added advantage here is that these people already know where you are. If they pass by your store every day, they’ll eventually get curious, as long as you meet one of their needs. This is an effective way to drive potential sales traffic to your business.

You may also not realize how a simple sign with directions to your premises can transform your foot traffic. People definitely don’t want to waste time driving up and down streets hoping to come across your outlet that someone has told them about. So, make it easy for them, add arrows to your signage and even tell them how far they still need to travel.

In this case you don’t want uncertainty leading to a potential client giving up on the search. Take out all the guesswork and customers are more likely to commit to the journey to your door.

Note that signage with directions is especially important if you’ve moved your offices. If you’re not to be found at your old premises, visitors may spread the word that your business doesn’t exist anymore. Once again: don’t let misunderstandings or uncertainty rob you of customers.

Benefit from Specialized Advertising


In addition to your usual signage, you might want to use additional signs to highlight specific promotions or seasonal sales. These types of signs will advertise your promotional activities to passing traffic, which may be more effective than pamphlets or social media advertising.

Gain the Competitive Edge

A survey done in the U.S shows that 90% of Americans notice and pay particular attention to outdoor advertising. Investing in a specialized sign aimed at passing traffic won’t only help you reach a different demographic but give you an edge over competitors in the area.

Signage Saves Costs


Quarterly or monthly advertising is an ongoing, running cost and is not guaranteed to reach the demographic you are hoping for. Quality, durable outdoor signs will be a once off expense and can have a reaching effect, saving you money on your monthly advertising budget.

Avoid Being Boring

You may already have a sign that you put up when you opened your business but now you find that it’s not having the desired effect anymore. Modernizing or updating your sign shows prospective customers that your business remains relevant. For example, adding LED lights to your sign makes it visible at night, giving you the advantage of 24/7 advertising.


Outdoor company signs are still very relevant to the success of your business. Your desired demographic will be able to associate your company with a particular location, close to their homes or offices. The repeated exposure will draw them in. It’s definitely worth the investment!