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Awesome Ways to Make Money Today That Can Work for Everyone

by William Gist

Do you know there are really genuine ways you or anyone else can implement and start making money right away?You can get started with them and even see some money as early as today. Seriously – they exist and you don’t even have to spend any money to put some of these ways to work for you. Below are some of these really genuine ways that can work for you and most other people out there:

1. Make Money Just Watching Videos

I was shocked when I first learned about this method but it’s genuine. There are companies that need to know what peoples’ thoughts are while watching certain videos or even after watching the videos.

These companies usually conduct research with people who watch videos and pay to hear what such people have to say.

Img source: microsoft.com

If you love watching videos, you can get paid by such companies. And thanks to mobile devices you can even watch such videos on the move and get paid for your time.

Read this article for more about this method.

2. Use your Car to make money

If you have a reasonably modern car and are prepared to put in the time you can offer to drive people around using services such as Uber.com.

Uber have an app for their users that will send you a message when someone needs a ride in your location.

People need rides all of the time so you can make money fast by working the hours that suit you. Although Uber collects the money and then sends you a percentage a lot of passengers will give you cash tips which are great.

Uber works hard to eliminate problem passengers so you should be safe doing this.

3. Use AirBNB to rent one of your rooms

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you can use the services of AirBNB.com and rent it out to people. A lot of people are looking for temporary accommodation on a regular basis.

They have to travel to your town on a business matter or perhaps they are visiting a friend or relative in your area.

It is great to add your spare room on AirBNB as the website is very popular and there are always a ton of people looking for a place to stay.

Img source: newsobserver.com

If you live in a major city or area, then it can cost nearly $300 a week to rent a room through AirBNB. They take a percentage but you get the majority of the cash.

4. Run Errands or Complete Tasks using TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit.com is a website that provides people to complete tasks or run errands. You can literally end up doing almost anything when you are a member of TaskRabbit.

One day you could be making deliveries and the next cleaning a kitchen.

Just sign up for TaskRabbit and once they approve you they send requests in your location via their app.

You get to pick and choose what tasks you want to perform. As soon as the work is complete you just send TaskRabbit your invoice.

Img source: tennessean.com

It is not uncommon to receive tips from people that you complete tasks for which is money in your pocket.

Your payment from TaskRabbit arrives on a weekly basis for tasks you have performed.

5. Cut the Lawns of your Neighbors

A lot of people that live in your area would love to have someone come and cut their lawn for them. It is not the most exciting of jobs and many would simply prefer to pay another person to do it.

And once you start cutting lawns this will lead to other work such as landscaping, weeding, clearing snow in the winter etc.