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Are Showtime’s Billions Coming Back Anytime Soon

by Nebojša Vujinović

If you love entertaining TV shows then you must have crossed paths with Billions. Showtime’s product is in awe of many viewers due to the quality it brought with each season. Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti are some of the most iconic dynamic duos in recent television history. The way the show started and ran for a couple of last years we believed there’s no stopping it from coming in new and unexpected ways. But, as with anything else, the coronavirus pandemic found its way to end the production for the time being. But, the show must continue, right? We believe so, and there is some vital information regarding the show and its future in this article.

In May of 2024, we had the latest set of episodes released, but we can say that seven is not enough. It was planned to receive twelve new episodes for season five, but the season was cut short. All of us hungry for more were asking the same question; when is the rest of the season five coming our way?

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The good news is that we’ll be having the remaining five episodes in the not-so-distant future. The goal was always to release them as soon as possible. The only thing stopping it was the ongoing pandemic that put everything on a halt. Considering that the world is slowly coming back to normal we can rest assured that the new episodes of Billions are getting ready. The issue that remains is the simplest one: when? Last year it was believed that they’ll be ready by the end of 2024. Considering that we’re in may of 2024, that schedule wasn’t released. So, we can only hope that the last five episodes of season five are going to be completed this year, while season six is left for 2024. Two months ago, the popular Dollar Bill tweeted a photo from the set signaling that the work on the show was resumed.

We couldn’t have got you any better news. In no time you’ll be having the adventures of Chuck, Axe, and Wendy Rhoades on your TV screens. With a couple of new characters introduced in season 5, we can be sure that the show will continue to swipe us off our feet. Trust us, we’re not kidding when we say this. You all remember what happened with GameStop stocks.

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It wouldn’t be a surprise to see this element brought up on the show. We know that these are the types of situations in which Axe thrives. Even Brian Koppelman, one of the creators of Billions ha tweeted about this writing: “Team: 700 of you have sent the Gamestop story to us. We get it. It’s a big financial story. Feels like Billions. Understood. Thank you. Got it. Short squeeze. Reddit. Drama.” He’s been a bit sarcastic but what occurred in real life is something simply tailored for the TV show that Billions is.

With all that we said above, the only thing left is to go through the smallest details once again in few short sentences. Yes, season five will resume, and it will most likely happen this year. The better news is that there will be season six which thrills us to the deepest. You can also be happy because it would seem that there is not going to be a stoppage in filming between the seasons. The group will continue to work on season six as soon as the previous one is completed.