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Antigua And Barbuda Vs Turkey Citizenship: What Are The Differences

by Gaga Arizanov

To run a business, there are many things that need to be taken care of. For example, free border crossing significantly speeds up the process of discussing cooperation with partners. For this reason, many foreigners fulfill the requirements of other states and participate in the citizenship program.

Such Golden Visa programs are provided for by the legislation of different countries. Thanks to a variety of options it is possible to choose a suitable state for living and doing business. For example, Turkish citizenship allows one to travel to the Schengen zone without visa documents and to pay taxes according to special taxation rules. You can find all the information here.

The competition between countries with investment programs is very conditional. Often investors choose a state based on personal preferences, rather than on the benefits and eligible received. Thus, each of the proposals continues to be in demand among wealthy businessmen.

Turkey’s investment program: why the offer is attractive

Attention to the Turkish program due to the speed of return on investment. Under the terms of the law, foreigners pay 400 thousand dollars to apply for citizenship. This amount is used for the development of the country and ensuring a high standard of living of citizens.

One of the attractive features of the program is the ability to choose where the investments made will be directed. Thus, foreigners decide in favor of one of the options:

  • registration of a deposit account in a state bank;
  • buying real estate, the cost of which is 400 thousand dollars;
  • investing in the capital of any investment fund;
  • contributing funds to the share capital of a Turkish company;
  • making an investment in investment bonds.

Spouses and children under the age of majority can be added to the application. Thanks to this opportunity the whole family will be able to get Turkish citizenship, and the status can be passed on by inheritance.

Advantages of the program for investors

Foreigners are motivated to sign up in a variety of ways. The attractiveness of the program consists of several advantages that are useful to interested investors:

  1. Travel. Holders of Turkish passports travel to European Union and Schengen countries without a visa. This allows you to develop a business around the world and look for partners to scale.
  2. Restrictions. Border crossing is allowed for members of the turkey CBI program. Restrictions do not apply in cases where the country is closed for visits. For example, the tense situation due to a pandemic or a political crisis.
  3. U.S. Visa. Travel to the United States is often necessary, but obtaining permission to cross the border is difficult. Turkish passport holders are able to follow a simplified algorithm and travel to the United States without difficulty.

The period of stay in the EU, Schengen Area and the U.S. is extended for all those who have obtained a second citizenship in Turkey. Thus, foreigners can stay for 6 months per year outside their home country.

Antigua and Barbuda offer for foreign investors

Source: immigrantinvest.com

Caribbean programs are in high demand, and this is due to the small size of the investment. It is possible to qualify for residency or Antigua and Barbuda citizenship if you have the funds for the contribution, the amount of which is 100 thousand dollars. This proposal appeared recently, but has managed to attract hundreds of investors from around the world.

Participants in the program choose between the direction of funds. Purchase of real estate for residence or purchase of property for business development, as well as investing in public funds allows you to apply to the consulate. According to the specialist of the agency Immigrant Invest Victor Esik, this offer is worth special attention of foreign investors.

Foreigners who participate in the program can add to the application other people from the family. In this case, the amount of investment rises to 150 thousand dollars, which is still a small price and stands out among other proposals.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

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The country takes every opportunity to attract investment, including the provision of benefits. The low cost of participation is only the beginning, as residents enjoy the other benefits of citizenship:

  1. Taxation. The attractiveness of the system comes down to the lack of taxes on income or receipts from outside sources. The listed options for obtaining funds allow for continued business development in a new environment. However, it is worth paying attention to the system of double taxation, if it is provided in your country.
  2. Travel. Passport holders can freely cross the borders of the EU, the Schengen area and the United Kingdom. For travel, visa documentsĀ  will only be required upon arrival at the place of residence or stay.
  3. Border crossing. Investors who get an Antigua passport haveĀ  no problems crossing borders. Thus, the second citizenship allows you to leave your home country when restrictions are imposed. This is especially relevant in view of the situation related to the spread of COVID-19.

Visas to stay in the States are granted to citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. The documents are valid for 10 years. During this time, you can stay in the U.S. for about 6 months without necessarily crossing the borders of the Caribbean Islands.

The disadvantage of the program is the low popularity of the country among tourists. Buying real estate for tourism allows you to return the investment after 5 years. Despite the modest contribution, the term does not look too attractive. However, the benefits justify the decision.

Analysis of Turkey and Antigua and Barbuda

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Comparison of the preferred program is based on several factors. First of all, it is customary to start from the size of the contribution and the proposed areas of investment. However, these characteristics are not enough for a correct evaluation of proposals.

In favor of the choice of Turkey as a country of residence is evidenced by the possibility of doing business with international partners. There is no need to give up citizenship, which is another advantage of the program. In addition, those wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship can travel. It is possible to return the spent money within 3 years.

As for the Antigua CBI program (check it here), it attracts attention:

  • favorable taxation system;
  • low investment threshold;
  • speed of processing time (up to 6 months).

There is no inconvenience in traveling to Britain and the United States. To get permits you have to go to the consulate and take advantage of the simplified procedure for obtaining visas. The same applies to family members of the investor who want to continue their studies abroad.

Free border crossing, travel to other countries, and minimum restrictions are good reasons to think about choosing programs. It is worth considering partnership agreements and the location of partner companies to evaluate proposals.