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“I Don’t Care What Brad Does” – Angelina Jolie Is Moving to Europe?

by Tracy Finke

Angelina Jolie went hunting for real estate across Europe, and as she says, she will leave America without thinking about where her ex-husband Brad Pitt is.

Supposedly, the famous Hollywood actress admitted in a recent interview that she is ready to live in London.

“I would love to live somewhere across the ocean. I will do this as soon as all my children turn 18. I now have to be where their father lives, otherwise, I don’t care what Brad does,” the actress said.

Image source: newidea.com.au

Although she has not officially confirmed it, a source close to the actress claims that Angelina Jolie is already buying real estate across Europe and that she has a secret plan to move soon.

“She has already started a lawsuit seeking permission to move. She is sick of Los Angeles and wants to go to London. She has already been looking for properties she could buy in the center of the city and wants a luxury villa in France that will serve her for vacation”, a source close to actress claims.

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As the source further explained, she is sure the court will rule in her favor and is ready to erase her ex-husband from her life completely.