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Amazing Tips For Hosting Your Next Backyard BBQ

by Dangula Bingula

Make your next backyard bbq an event worth remembering! Spring, summer, or fall, you can turn your backyard barbecuing into a gathering full of delicious food and fond memories. It just takes a little preparation and some imagination!

Whether you enjoy smoking or grilling for a bevy of hungry guests, these helpful tips will take the hassle out of your prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning time!

BBQ Electric Smoker Tips


  1. Dry rub your meat with kosher salt at least 2hrs before smoking. ½ teaspoon per pound of meat will help retain moisture while cooking.
  1. Use an electric smoker with a viewing window. A smoker door with a viewing window makes it easier to monitor the readiness of your meat as it’s cooking. You can click here to view the best electric smoker brands.
  1. Fill your wood chipper hopper and water tray to capacity. This will prevent you having to open the smoker door, which will allow smoke and moisture to escape during the cooking process.
  1. Cook your meat low and slow. Smoking meat requires patience. Resist the temptation to increase the temperature. 165 – 225 degrees fahrenheit is a good temperature range for smoking meat.
  1. Always wash meat thermometer probes thoroughly before testing different types of meat. Food contamination can be spread from raw chicken to fish, for example, so be sure to wash the probe before each use.

BBQ Grilling Tips


  1. Thaw frozen meat at least 2 hrs before grilling. Your meat will reach closer to the desired internal temperature when it is thawed and near room temperature.
  1. Insert a hole the size of your index finger in the center of your burgers. Your burger patties will cook through more thoroughly, and the hole will disappear while it’s on the grill.
  1. Use colored toothpicks to distinguish different levels of doneness. Colored toothpicks for rare, medium, and well-done burgers, for example, will help keep your grill organized.
  1. Keep meat warm with foil paper after removing from the grill. Wrap your meat in foil paper immediately after removing it from the grill to retain its moisture, heat, and flavor. The foil will also protect your meat from bugs.

BBQ Serving Tips


  1. Create a signature drink. Offer a local craft beer or a special concoction of your own to greet guests with upon arrival.
  1. Get creative with baked treats you can smoke or grill for added flavor. Apple crumble pie, baked peanut butter pie, fruits and cheese are just some of the desserts that can be smoked or grilled. Try serving smoked ice cream flavored with peaches or your favorite fruit!
  1. Offer vegan and gluten-free alternatives. According to pitboss-grills.com, you should accommodate more guests by offering vegan and gluten-free dishes as an alternative to traditional bbq dishes that may be high in salt, cholesterol and fat.
  1. Use paper trays, serving plates and disposable cutlery. You’ll save the environment and reduce the time it takes for clean up. Children-sized trays will ensure the kids enjoy a meal appropriate to their size.
  1. Keep filtered water accessible using a quality water dispenser. Filtered water is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks. Staying hydrated in the heat is always a good idea. especially if you are serving beverages.

BBQ Clean Up Tips


  1. Keep a bowl/bucket of warm water handy for quick clean-up and spills. Soak used cooking utensils and cookware in one bucket, and keep another bucket for quickly washing hands.
  1. Cover the exterior of your grill in dishwashing soap. This will prevent food debris from drying and sticking to the exterior of your grill. You can use a damp, lint-free dishcloth to easily remove the soap afterwards.

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