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All You Need To Know About Funeral Planning

by Jajce d Muckic

In a time of sadness and loss, planning for the funeral of loved ones can be a daunting task. Many families have done everything they can to protect their future. From opening savings accounts to investing wisely to life insurances and home insurances, these are all things that can protect your family’s future. But no one prepares for the departure of a loved one to the other side. Understanding the personal wishes of the departed can lead to peace of mind. So it’s important to plan the funeral in advance.
In this article, we are going to talk about the stuff you need to know about funeral planning.

Respect The Departed’s Wishes

Does the loved one want to be buried or cremated? According to his wishes, the funeral or cremation service should be personalized and bring comfort to the rest of the family. Nowadays, funeral services don’t have to be sad, but rather uplifting because you’ve respected his wishes. With videos, photographs, music, and even special reading from family members, a funeral service can be made to remember the departed and celebrate his life, rather than cry because he’s gone.

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Respect the Will and Living Will

The difference between a will and a living will is the following. A will is a law document that holds instructions for handling the departed’s financial affairs. A living will is a document that clarifies certain wishes regarding medical treatments. If a funeral is preplanned, then the family can prepare financially and they can prepare in making the departed’s living will come true. My Funky Funeral suggests that preplanning a funeral will ensure that your loved one’s wishes and will have been made known to the rest of the family.

Involve Everyone

The grieving process is a hard and long one. A major part of the grieving process is the funeral or memorial service. During the funeral, or memorial service, family and friends can take the opportunity to express their grief, to share the loved one’s memories, and to celebrate and commemorate his life. The opinion of the family should always be taken into consideration when preplanning someone’s funeral. During the grieving process, make sure to involve every person who knew the departed. Both family and friends can take their part in the grieving process to celebrate and commemorate the departed’s life. Having everyone say a few things will make everyone else feel better about the departed, and will certainly even bring a few smiles.

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Decide on the Method of Final Disposition

No matter what kind of method the departed chooses, whether that is a traditional burial, mausoleum entombment, or cremation, his wishes must be respected. Even if your family has a traditional burial grounds, if the departed wishes to be cremated in his garden, then his wishes must be respected. The final disposition is a very personal decision and is oftentimes influenced by the departed’s beliefs and his faith. Whenever you’re arranging someone’s funeral, make sure to know the departed’s preferred method of disposition, as it can put his mind at peace during the final hours.