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All you need to know about Field Management Software

by Jajce d Muckic

If you are running any kind of business that includes house calls, surely you must know how difficult it can be to organize your workers to complete every job. Have you ever heard of Field Management Software? If your answer is no, keep reading this text to find out how this program and all its features can make your business-running a lot easier.

Field Management Software (FMS) is a system that helps managers and business owners coordinate all field operations via the cloud and a number of different devices. Earlier, one would have to write everything down, and there would be dozens of slips and a mountain of paperwork every day, waiting to be dealt with. One can use it to schedule appointments, dispatch workers, check the status of a certain job (is it completed or how long it will take), find the location of company’s vehicles and so on.

So, who uses this software? Well, basically everyone that is in the house service industry. It is used as a management tool in different trades such as telecommunication, healthcare, property maintenance (electricians, gardeners, repairmen) and so on.

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Since they have become so popular, nowadays there are many different types of this software like fimasys.io and they all offer different features but they all work using data dashboard and mobile devices. By using the software on a dashboard, managers can see every aspect of the business and every operation that is taking place at any time. On the other hand, mobile devices are given to workers who are in the field, so that they could easily access all the information and communicate with both the customers and other team members. As you can see, the beauty of it is that it allows both administrators and employees easy access to all the data.

There are many benefits of this software, but we are going to list only some of them.

  • It enhances the efficiency of on-field employees since they can get all the information about their next assignment (address and route how to get there, required tools and pieces of equipment, contact of the customer, etc.) on their mobile device thus they will deliver better and faster service.
  • It also increases professionalism and optimization of the resources because it stores all information in a single database (managers assign workers that are closest to the location of the task, saving time and money). Furthermore, by using this software, companies build strong relationships and ensure their customer’s satisfaction, because they will know at what time the on-field team will arrive and how long it will take them to finish their work.
  • Moreover, by using this tool, managers can make plans in advance by scheduling workers based on appointments, their location and also the approximate time it will take to complete them. In addition, you can also give your customers a chance to schedule their appointment online at any time based on your employees’ availability and current location

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All in all, these are some basic things you should know about Field Management Software. As you can see it offers many features and many benefits. It is easy to use and most of all it will assist you in successfully managing your business.