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Affordable Home Accessories That are Both Practical and Dramatic

by Nina Smith

The Home decor and accessories market is crowded with products that can turn any home beautiful.

Some of them can come at a premium price. Yeah, at some point you might have to spend a little more! However, in most cases, you will be able to find affordable home accessories.

We came up with 15 accessories that are practical, dramatic and will make your home look more luxurious! If you have been searching for home decorating ideas on a budget, you are in the right place.

Before we proceed, here’s a resource that might be helpful. Experthomemakers reviews almost all kinds of home accessories from kitchen items to furniture. So, you might as well check them out.

1. Sisal Rope for Affordable Nautical Decor

Source: pexels.com

Nautical decor can be a great choice to make your home stand out. Sisal ropes are inexpensive and with some DIY jobs you can build various kinds of accessories.

You can hang flowers, mirrors and a lot of stuff with sisal ropes. If you have an indoor staircase, you can also use these ropes to make a railing.

Here’s an interesting stuff you can make:


2. Organize Your Bathroom Shelf With Mason Jars

Source: pinterest.com

We all have used mason jars at some point to store honey, sauces and pickles! But have you ever considered using it in your bathroom?

There are tons of great looking mason jars online. Use them to organize your toothbrushes, liquid soap, Q-tips and literally anything that fits in. It can pour in life into your dull bathroom.

3. Tabletop Fountain Can Add Tranquility to Your Living Room

Source: indoorwaterfountains.com

Tabletop fountains are perfect for relaxation. It’s a great way to decorate a small home with a low budget. The sound of the waterfall can help you focus during workout or have a peaceful afternoon sleep.

The best part is it can amaze any guests that come into your home. You can add a variety of indoor waterfalls fountains and the price will depend on its size and design.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Wall Mounted Shelves

Source: amazon.com

To modernize your home, wall mounted shelves are a must. There are thousands of ways you can use it to cover your unused wall spaces.

Think about an adjustable perforated shelf on your wall. Books, plants, candles and sound system. It has room for all.

Hexagonal wooden shelves can be another option. It looks sleek and stylish.

5. Turn Your Home from Boring to Interesting With a Thought Provoking Tapestry

Source: froy.com

There are a lot of art works out there to make your living room more sophisticated. However, a wall tapestry with a story or stunning visuals can add in more interest.

Tapestries with stories are best for this job. It might be something abstract or a historical reference. You can also use tapestries in a lot of innovative ways like covering the ceiling with it or using it as a wallpaper.

6. Your Lighting Fixtures Can Make Your Interior Look Lavish and Expensive

Source: fabbian.com

We often overlook our lighting fixtures. The same old dull plain lights will make your space look less expensive than it is.

A simple drum or cylinder lamp shade over your existing lights can really change things up. You can also hang string lights with photos or other stuff. Even a single lamp with unique design can make a great difference.

7. Dramatic Effect Via Mirror Walls

Source: cutrateglass.com

An inexpensive way to make your small home dramatic is to create a few mirror walls. That’s right. Mirrors will reflect light and add brightness to your home!

But that’s not it. It can also increase the visual square footage and the viewer will have the idea that your home is larger than what it is.

If you decide you build a mirror wall, it can be done within the $400-$500 range. All you have to do is drive up to Home Depot or Target or maybe order from amazon.

8. Curtains Can Make or Break the Elegance of Your Space

Source: decorsystems.co.uk

Depending on your current decor, you can use curtains in a number of ways to make your room look dramatic!

Floor to ceiling height curtains are becoming more popular these days. They enhance the visual height of a space. If you opt for a light fabric, it will make your home look more lavishing and expensive.

A light colored curtain mixed up with light colored furniture will make the environment soothing. Just like how you feel inside your garden.

With a deep contrasting color, you can draw focus and attention from guests. See what works for you!

9. A Tufted-Mid Century Sofa for Modern Homes

Source: home-designing.com

The 20th century inspired tufted mid-century sofa might be the thing missing in your living room. The clean lines and velvety look of the sofa will inject a modern flavor in your decor.

Some of these sofas can end up being too expensive, especially if you are buying from retailers. However, a quick google search can help you find budget-friendly versions. You can get one under $600-700 price range.

10. Literally a Covered Cat Washroom Will Keep Your Decor Intact

Source: konfidayk.com

You might have cats at home! And.. who doesn’t love them?

For concerned home decor enthusiasts, the litter box can be a nightmare! You can’t keep it on the open as it can be a distraction. But your love for your pet ends up hurting the decor.

A wooden cat washroom is your best option. Just hide the litter inside and choose a color that will blend with the surrounding.

You can buy it online or even contact the woodworking shop to make it for you at an affordable price.

11. Ever Thought of a Ladder Shelf for Decoration?

Source: popsugar.com

Ladder shelves are mainly shelves that have the look of a staircase. It’s usually slanted against a wall and works just like regular shelves.

The design of the stair is what really makes it stand out. It can be one single shelf or a combination of multiple shelves.

You can also get a plain stair and use it to hang your towels. The possibilities are endless! Keep hunting on pinterest and you will find one that suits your home!

12. Play With Different Candle Decorations to Add Warmth to Your Home

Source: pexels.com

There’s something primitive about our attraction to flames! That’s good isn’t it? A few candles here and there can mesmerize your home.

You can build a candle terrarium inside a glass jar. Just make the base using black rocks and put candles of various sizes in it. 3-4 jars in a row will quickly add warmth and coziness to your space.

Decorating with candles is inexpensive, but you will have to use your imaginations to make it look unique.

13. Little Things Matter— Start With Accent Pillows

Source: unsplash.com

Most of us have throw pillows on our couches or sofas. It’s nothing significant to add value to your decor.

But if you decide to mix it up with accent pillows that have patterns or decorations, it can end up being a valuable item in your home.

Go beyond and experiment with vibrant colors. The idea of an accent pillow isn’t to blend in with your color theme. It’s a way to add dramatic visuals.

14. Half-Painted Colors Does Add Drama

Source: apartmenttherapy.info

Art accessories can be expensive. But you can manage to find inexpensive ones from amateur artists, but they might not be as sophisticated as you want.

Give these paintings a bold look by only keeping half of it intact. Just apply any solid color to the other half. These half-painted art pieces look stunning and sometimes give you a jaw-dropping moment.

You can take this idea one step ahead. Instead of painting your walls with a single uniform color, paint it half with one color and the other half with another. Sounds interesting right?

15. Useful & Surprising— Pillows With Pockets

Source: pinterest.com

Throw pillows with pockets aren’t that common at home. But having such pillows can turn out to be both useful and cute.

You can buy pillows with pockets or you can cut off a piece of fabric, sew in and make a pocket. The pocket can be of a size of regular shirt pockets or of the size of your entire pillow’s width.

It helps to keep the remote in place! As we all have had nightmares finding it sometimes. Alternatively, your child can keep her dolls inside this pocket and have a good sleep on the couch.

Final Words…

No matter which accessories you buy, always make sure it’s safe to use and free from VOCs. A home should be a safe heaven for both adults and children. So, your decor should support that.

If you give a little thought and imagination, you will be surprised to find a lot of affordable home accessories that will look better than expensive ones!