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About Validol – Use, Dosage, And Side Effectscts

by William Gist

Validolum or Validol as it is commonly referred to was patented in Germany in late 1897. It was a 30 percent menthol solution in menthyl isovalerate, made in small batches from natural ingredients only, such as peppermint and Valerian root. However, the mass production began decades later in the Soviet Union, where people increasingly started using Validol and despite its subtle effects, it is still a popular sedative in Russia. Mostly because it is safe to use it and it is inexpensive.


The indications for use and the effects

This medication has a calming effect on the nervous system and minor coronary dilatory action, which means that the blood vessels will widen, hence improving the blood flow, as well as lowering the blood pressure. The effects are caused by the stimulation of the nerve receptor of the oral mucosa, and this stimulation is followed by the release of dynorphins, endorphins, and enkephalins, ass well as other peptides that play important roles in regulating the cardiovascular and nervous systems. The Validol capsule will dissolve slowly, hence if administered sublingually, the desired effect will be produced in up to five to ten minutes, however, 70 percent of the medication is released in the first three minutes of administering it.

Indications for using Validol

It is suggested to use Validol if the person experiences:

  1. Cardiodynia and angina (chest pain)
  2. In case of motion sickness or nausea
  3. Neurosis
  4. Hysteria
  5. Headaches induced by nitrates
  6. Heart disease (cardialgia)
  7. Vomiting when seasick or airsick
  8. Anxiety and nervousness


The dosage, side effects, and contradictions

This medication is considered to be quite safe and it only has a few known side effects. The side effect might include lacrimation, dizziness, and mild nausea. It is recommended that the medication is not used if the person is suffering from severe hypotension, hypersensitivity, acute myocardial infarction, and if the person is under the age of 18.

The recommended dosage suggested by the manufacturer of the medication is one 100 milligram pill twice a day and it should be placed under the tongue. If it is required, the daily dosage can be raised to 600 milligrams. If you notice that there is no effect ten minutes after the administration of the medicine, you will most likely require a different therapy plan.



Validol is a mild sedative medication and the active ingredient in the pills is menthol and Menthyl isovalerate, which is basically an ester of isovaleric acid. The person taking this medicine could reduce the effects of anxiety, nausea, and headaches that are caused by intaking nitrates. Since it is based on natural ingredients, this medication is safe to use and it only has several mild side effects and that is probably why a lot of people opt for this medication instead of different ones. If you have the conditions mentioned in the article above, you should first talk to your doctor before taking the medicine. You can always learn more about Validol.