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FITSWORD Review – The Features and Use

by Edvard Berlusconi

Andrea and Luca Mainini developed this training tool based on a very simple idea – their ability to transform an offensive tool, in this case, a sword, into a piece of completely safe training equipment – the FITSWORD.

They inverted the physics that is usually applied to any work, sport, or offensive tools such as a baseball bat, a sword, a golf club, an ax, a hammer, and so on, however, the weight of these tools is concentrated on the top end, so, you will be able to emphasis the kinetic energy, as well as the momentum from a small swing that can in return produce a devastating blow on the target.

But, what happens if all the weight is concentrated on the handle? Well, you will be able to gain training and fitness values in every move that you make, but the energy that is transmitted by the top end of the tool is limited, which makes the tool as safe and inoffensive as it can be. The “blade” of the sword is padded with Extralight, which is a material that is light and soft and it features perfect shock absorption qualities that make each contact with the body pain-free and safe.

The Features of the FITSWORD

According to the experts from Gravityforcetraining.com, each FITSWORD model has two types of weight plates:

  1. The Metal Plates – which are CNC machined from solid blocks of stainless steel and each of them weighs 0.5 kilograms (1.1 lbs).
  2. The Black Plates – which are CNC machined from solid blocks of Delrin and each of them weighs 100 grams (0.2 lbs).

You can combine the black and metal plates in order to get the weight that will allow you to better handle your exercise. The weight ranges from one to four kilograms (2.2 to 8.9 lbs). The total length of the FITSWORD is 70 centimeters.

What Can You Use the FITSWORD for?

There are various things that you can use this fitness tool for including:

  1. Using it as a dumbbell – you can use it as a dumbbell but with more precision thanks to the blade that will allow you to visualize the symmetry of your movements.
  2. Using it as a clubbell – but in a safer way since the tool is soft and padded. This is also healthier for your wrists since the weight is concentrated on the handle.
  3. Using it for Fit-boxe and Shadow-boxe – you will be able to train with more inertia and weight than hands-free.
  4. Using it to train for all styles of sword handling – with a heavier weight than usual, you will be able to build endurance, strength, control, and agility, but more safely since the kinetic strike energy is reduced.
  5. Using it to train alone or in a class – you can use it to learn various exercises, drills, forms, and you can apply what you learned with a partner or in a group activity or game.


Training with this sword will allow you to have countless training routines whether you prefer combat sports or fitness. The value of this tool lies in it being simple to use in immediate or intuitive applications for beginners or more experienced people. It is a functional tool that will allow you to build your strength and endurance while you also improve your self-awareness and coordination.