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8 Reasons Why A Front Pocket Wallet Should Be The Next Item You Buy

by Dangula Bingula

You may be inclined to view the idea of a front pocket wallet as a laughable fad. The truth is that we are so used to our back pockets to the point of missing out on the benefits that a front wallet can present.

I was reluctant to let go of my old back one, after all, we had been through several years together, and it had served me diligently.
The more I learned about front wallets, however, the more convinced I became to jump ship. I was particularly sold when I sampled the incredible Kinzd front pocket wallet. There are plenty of solid reasons why they tramp over back ones. You would be a convert too if an item had multiple positive points that the only negative reason was that it could be fashion faux pas.

Front Pocket Wallet


The Advantages of Front Pocket Wallets

I will be detailing the various reasons that made me discard my previous wallet for a front one to help you make up your mind.

• Comfort

Back pockets can be bulky, especially if you have a large type and are trying to cram everything in there. The bulkiness offers a level of discomfort, which as much as we get used to, is not favorable. But front slim ones have a streamlined design, and you will barely realize you are carrying one, even when sitting down.

• Aesthetic

Taking up your old, torn billfold that you’ve been using since the early 90’s. Although the ladies you are interested in will probably not mind, it may attract a specific category of people who are drawn to fat wallets. A front one preserves your style by preventing any odd shapes.

Front Pocket Wallet


• Jeans Preservation

They are excellently designed so that they do not exert any pressure on the fabric of jeans. It won’t be ruined due to the bulky ones. Your jeans will thus be well-maintained.

• Convenient

We are used to the action of turning a bit to get to the wallets on our back pockets, but if you get a taste of the convenience of retrieving a front one, you will never go back to the old back ones.

• Security

They provide quite a challenge that even discourages seasoned pickpockets, because you might miss the unwanted hand if you do not see it.


  • HealthStudies have researched on the back pains caused by bulky back ones in a condition called Piriformis Syndrome. Front ones will spare you from these nasty back pains.

    • Technological Upgrade

    They are newer to the market. They are, therefore, more technologically advanced than their older cousins. Some models, for example, are designed to block RFID, a technology used to steal information from credit cards.

    • Durability

    People love a wallet that will last for years, but when it comes to back pockets, this longevity is negated by the stress they exert on your back. Front ones are fashioned to take the shape of your pants and your legs so that they last longer.

    The choice of them boils down to taste and preference. You cannot, however, ignore the multitude of benefits front pocket wallets offer.