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7 Reasons You Should Cruise to Dubai At Least Once

by Dangula Bingula

Dubai is a sprawling megacity that is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, is located in this stunning city. Travelers visit this city to explore the opulent architecture and for adventure activities, such as skydiving, desert safari, kitesurfing, and many more action-packed activities. It is one of those global cities that promise an incredible time to visitors.

But, instead of a run-of-the-mill holiday, how about jazzing up your journey to Dubai in the most luxurious way possible? That’s right! We are recommending a cruise holiday. Going on a cruise gives you the chance to do a unique array of activities onboard with the backdrop of sapphire waters as you gradually head towards your desired destination.

If you wish to cruise to Dubai, you can opt for a opt for the Dubai tour package, here  and cruise away to the land where both adventure and wonderment awaits you. It offers a pre-planned itinerary and helps you plan your travel easily.

Why go on a cruise to Dubai


When you choose a cruise package to tour Dubai on one of the best cruise lines out there, you get to have a supreme cruising experience onboard.

Jewel of the Seas is one of the ships operated by the Royal Caribbean Cruises that can take you to a cruise journey in Dubai and give it the kind of twist it deserves. Whether it is enjoying the serene ocean views from the outdoor promenade deck or going for a happening party in the Vortex NightClub, Jewel of the Seas offers a plethora of amazing options before you reach this amazing city. Other activities onboard include catching a movie on the poolside screen outdoors, enjoying a scrumptious meal at the exclusive Chef’s Table, and many more options to relax and unwind with your pals.

So, if you plan on getting a cruise package, Jewel of the Seas is one of the cruise ships you may consider. In fact, this is just one of the many Dubai cruise deals that you can opt for to make your trip memorable experience.

If you are still in doubt whether you should cruise to Dubai, here is a list of 7 reasons why you should go for it at least once: –

Take a Jeep Safari in the Desert


When you choose the right cruise package to Dubai, you can go for an exhilarating ride in the desert by going on a desert safari. Hop into a jeep, and the driver will then start driving on sand dunes. It is quite unique in comparison to other adventure activities that you generally come across.

During the safari, you are seated next to an experienced and well-trained driver who runs over the massive sand dunes, enough to give your spine chills with the feeling that you might topple over. The activity stirs up a lot of excitement and is a very fun-inducing activity that you should try out at least once in your lifetime. So, are you ready for some dune bashing?

Go on a Shopping Haul at Glitzy Malls


People from all over the world not only visit the city for its art monuments, jeep safari, and beaches but also to shop till they drop! Endless shopping options await you there when you take one of the best cruises to Dubai, United Arab Emirates Scintillating city. Malls such as the Wafi Mall, Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and many more are the ones that should be on your list of shopping places.

If you wish to cruise to Dubai, you can opt for the Dubai tour package and cruise away to the land where both adventure and wonderment awaits you. It offers a pre-planned itinerary and helps you plan your travel easily.

Go Golfing on one of the Golf Courses in Dubai


Golfing greens are surprisingly abundant in a city like Dubai, which rises from the desert sands. Ardent golfers are going to love it with its arrays of stunning golf courses. From Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, which oversees a waterfront to the Dubai Hills Golf Club, which is juxtaposed with lakes and valleys, golfing becomes even more relaxing when you get to play surrounded by the stunning environs of these golf courses.

Visit the Thrills Zones of Dubai – The Theme Parks


When you visit this city, the theme parks, along with their one-of-its-kind rides, take you on a whirlwind of adventure and excitement when you visit them. So, let these parks be your adventure playground as you go on enthralling rides in theme parks like the Motiongate Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure, etc.

Head to Palm Islands– The Gorgeous Manmade Islands

Constructed from reclaimed land, the gorgeous Palm Islands are offshore islands and are a famous holiday destination in Dubai. They are even visible from space! The islands contain shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, villas, waterfront apartments, and numerous other places. There are three islands in total, out of which Palm Jumeirah is the only one open to visitors. When you visit Palm Jumeirah, you can relax at a beach club, swim with the dolphins, or go paddling around the palm and pamper yourself with activities that catch your attention.

Visit the City’s Indoor Ski Resort – Ski Dubai

You get to enjoy a host of fun activities at Ski Dubai, a resort situated in the mall of the Emirates. You get the opportunity to ski, toboggan, snowboarding, take a chairlift ride, zip line, or participate in a snowball fight with family and friends in the Snow Park where you can have a great time altogether. You even meet penguins here! Hence, a trip to Ski Dubai can be something you can plan when you visit the city.

Try Dubai’s Delicious Cuisine


When the hunger pangs come calling, you can try Dubai’s cuisine to satiate your belly. Things that you can always try are Iranian Sangak (the Iranian flatbread), Manousheh (the local pizza), etc. for the non-vegetarians and Tabbouleh (a tasty salad), Kousa Mahshi (Zucchini with rice stuffing), etc. for the vegetarians.

In all, you must cruise to Dubai at least once. From interesting activities onboard a cruise ship to visit the iconic places, a cruise to the city promises, and umpteen number of experiences all rolled together in one cruise trip.

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