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7 Actionable Tips To Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

by Sinke Car

It’s not hard to lose weight, right? All you must do is exercise and try to eat better right? If it is that simple, then why is it that the majority of the country is obese and so many struggle with weight loss? What are the tried-and-true methods to lose weight? Let’s look at seven tips to help you lose weight.

1. Tip number one is a dietary journal


At the end of the day if you are looking to lose weight you need to know how many calories and carbohydrates you are taking into your body. Without documenting what you eat it is going to be virtually impossible to have an idea at the end of the day what your caloric consumption was throughout the day. So due to this fact, a very good tip to help with your weight loss regimen is it keep a diet journal. In this journal, you will document all the food and drink that you have had throughout the day and total up the calories at the end of the day to see what your caloric consumption accumulated. Remember if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight.

2. Tip number two is to devise a fitness plan

Having a structured fitness plan outlined on paper is another crucial step in losing weight. Your plan should both be realistic and specific. Do your research and be sure to include both cardiovascular and resistance training. Cardiovascular training will help you to burn more calories and resistance training will help to increase your overall lean musculature. Lean muscle burns many more calories at rest obviously than body fat. If you are completely confused the service is of a everybodyspersonaltrainer may benefit you and help you not waste time.

3. Tip number three be consistent


Many times, weight loss becomes an insurmountable goal due to lack of consistency. Our bodies thrive on consistency and thus has its own biorhythm. Exercise needs to be done on a consistent basis in order to see the results. Make sure to be consistent.

4. Tip number four outline your diet plan


Having a plan on paper just like with your fitness routine is going to help you to be more effective and productive with your dietary goals. Make sure to include a diet that is both low in carbohydrates and sugar, and only allows for caloric intake that meets your overall demands. For instance, if you work a sedentary job make sure that your caloric intake coincides with your type of activity.

5. Tip number 5 accountability

We all could use accountability at the end of the day, and this extends to weight loss as well. Make sure to tell friends, family members, colleagues, all about your goals to lose weight. The more people that you can tell the better. The idea here is to establish some accountability whereas family and friends will question you about your diet and make sure that you are staying on task.

6. Tip number 6 get a blood test


Getting a blood test is always a good idea just to make sure that you are working efficiently internally in addition to externally. Making sure you test your body’s thyroid and hormone levels to make sure that they are at the optimal level can prove to be very beneficial in the end.

7. And finally, tip number seven give it time

Like anything else in life, the reward you seek is going to take some time and effort and hard work. Most likely you did not put on weight overnight so you cannot expect yourself to lose all the weight overnight as well. Make sure you are consistent, follow the other tips, and keep on pushing for the long haul. Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint but if you keep pushing and stay motivated you will achieve your goal.