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6 Reasons Video Marketing and Production is important for your business

by Edvard Berlusconi

Did you know that 63 percent of businesses started using video marketing? How about the fact that out of those, 82 percent of businesses feel that video marketing is the most important part of their strategy? Without any doubt, video marketing is one of the newest additions to your marketing strategy. However, you might still have doubts. Is it really worth it to use video to promote your company? The answer is quite simple – yes, it is worth it. Not only is everyone doing it because videos are one of the most profitable and versatile marketing. Let’s take a look at the reasons why video marketing is important.

1. It boosts sales and conversions

The first thing you should know is that videos can make you some serious cash. Adding a product or service video to your landing page might increase your conversions by 80 percent. It can also lead to sales. Various studies showed that 74 percent of people who watch a video about a service or product later bought it. When you think about it, the effectiveness of this marketing tool is not that surprising. Most information transmitted through our brain is visual and it is our most dominant sense. Hence, if pictures can boost audience engagement, imagine what a video can do for you.

Img source: strunkmedia.com

2. It has a great ROI

83 percent of businesses stated that video production and marketing provides a good ROI (return on investment). Although video production is not the easiest nor cheapest task, it will pay off big time. Also, online video editing tools are improving almost daily, hence, they are becoming more affordable.

3. It builds trust

According to experts from Vidico, trust is the key to sales and conversions. The whole idea of video marketing is based on trust and creating long-lasting relationships with your customers. Video does it all and it is likely that you will get more engagements with video marketing than with other marketing strategies.

4. It is appealing to mobile users

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Mobile phones and videos go hand in hand since 90 percent of consumers watch video on their smartphones. Since people enjoy watching videos and the number of smartphones users is growing, your audience will be getting bigger and bigger.

5. It can explain everything

If you are launching a new service or product, you can create a video that shows what it is and how it works. Users love watching an explainer video in order to learn more facts about new products or services. That is why a lot of companies who implemented video marketing and shoot a video testimonial say that they have explainer videos on their website.

Img source: nofussvideo.com

6. It encourages social shares

Social media platforms have encouraged video content with their new features. For example, Facebook launched Live Video, 3600 Video, and Lifestage. Instagram implemented a 60-second video features and Instagram stories, while Twitter has Periscope. You should create fun and entertaining video that will encourage your consumers to share it on their social media accounts.


As you can see, there are various reasons that you should implement video production and marketing to your business, and maybe even go as far to go to a service like this one to bring those production values to the maximum. It will help you generate more sales and conversions, you will be able to engage with your audience more, and you can stand out from the crowd of competitors with an interesting and fun video. Hence, do not waste any more time and start planning your video marketing strategy right away.